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  • Friday I’m In Love: David Williams, Costco Instant Savings, Weather and More!


    Hi and I hope it’s been a good week for all of you. I’m writing a “Friday I’m in Love” post today and I must start it with this video that my mom shared with me. This is Bretagne and she’s the last known rescue dog who served at Ground Zero. Bark Box has an [...]

  • A Workout To Warm You Up


    Watch out. Apparently, snow is imminent. What our local weather celeb says is pretty much considered word of god around here and he’s on board with the snow forecast. I believe this because all of my friends in Alabama are posting snow pictures on Facebook. When it actually snow in Birmingham, there’s a good chance that [...]

  • Where is the sun? Also, gut health, questioning priorities and Zedd.


    We are on day four of rain in Charlotte. I haven’t seen the sun in days and according to the forecast we have one more day of this. Clearly, I am not alone. It seems many of you are experiencing similar conditions. I feel like I’ve been blogging about the weather a lot lately. I [...]