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summer food

  • Discovering Acai + Recent Eats


    Hello and happy holiday weekend Friday! I hope many of you have the day off and if not, I hope you have super fun plans for the 4th. Sadly, I do not have either. I am working today and have no plans for the weekend other than subbing classes because everyone else is out of [...]

  • Fresh Peach Cake {Recipe}


    It’s peach season y’all! Growing up in Georgia, peaches were a big deal…we are the peach state after all. ;) Little did I know that after moving to the Carolinas (I’ve lived in North and South Carolina) that South Carolina peaches are also a big deal and equally as delicious as Georgia peaches. I have [...]

  • I RX’d my first double under WOD…and it took FOREVER!


    Exciting news on the CrossFit front. Today I RX’d my first WOD with double unders ever! It took me forever and I was the last one to finish by 5 minutes but I did it! I was really looking forward to doing this WOD. I love chippers and this looked like a great workout to [...]