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self development

  • Be Your Own Hero


    http://oascentral.blogher.org/RealMedia/ads/adstream_jx.ads/ReviewBadge/OID5498_Folgers_Best_Part_ReviewBadges_015/@x13I have a quick exercise for you. – Make a list of five things you love about yourself. – Make a separate list of five things you wish you could change about yourself, insecurities you harbor, negative self-talk that runs on a repeat reel, etc. Which one was easier to write? If you’re like me [...]

  • On Stopping The Storytelling


    Last Sunday I talked to my yoga class about storytelling. Not the kind of sweet stories you tell children but the stories you make up in your head that cause you fear, anxiety, questioning and doubt. This is something I have struggled with for a long time. I completely freak myself out about things and [...]

  • One Word


    This week I have been asking my yoga students and blog readers (via Facebook) to think of ONE word that describes how the want to feel in 2013. The responses have been phenomenal and so thought provoking. I am the first to admit that it’s not really easy to pinpoint one perfect word. It’s kind [...]