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  • Last Week + A Yoga Challenge + Currently Reading…and More


    I appreciate all of your comments, FB messages and emails on my breast health post. Whether you were offering support or sharing your own experience, I found each of them to be helpful. I wanted to share a really awesome update from blog reader Alison. I met her and her husband at the starting line [...]

  • 2017 Spring Reading List: 30 Picks for Fiction, Series and Non-Fiction


    In just a few days I’ll be lounging poolside with a cocktail in hand and my nose in a book. We’re heading to Zoetry Parisio de la Bonita for our fifth annual Y2 Yoga retreat and I cannot wait! In preparation for the retreat I usually buy a few new bathing suits and order some [...]

  • 5 Favorite Feel Good Reads


    I have always been a voracious reader but for most of my life it was all about fiction with the occasional memoire thrown in here and there. After completing yoga teacher training, I got sucked into the world of non-fiction and personal development kind of books. These days, I have a mix of fiction and [...]

  • I Take My Books on the Go with Audible


    http://ads.blogherads.com/75/7551/campaigns/22/2221/2221118/x90.js I love to read. When I was younger I was a voracious reader and spent hours upon hours devouring books and many late nights reading under the covers with a flashlight. While I still love to read like this when I’m on vacation, I find it difficult to even get through a single book [...]

  • Zoey is Five Months Old + Things You Must Read


    Happy Friday! After a busy morning, I wrapped up my training and teaching for the week at 1 p.m. and have a rare Friday afternoon off. I usually have clients on Friday evenings. Yay. The biggest news of the day is that this little nugget is five months old! (Her nickname is “The Chicken Nugget.”) [...]

  • The Journey Home + Weekly Workouts


    Hi! I am currently camped out in the Punta Cana airport with two hours left to go before my flight departs. They like to get you here reaaallllyyy early which can be good when the airport is a zoo but today it was smooth sailing. This is the first time I’ve ever had a really smooth airport [...]

  • What I’m Reading + Weekly Workouts


    Good morning! Happy Monday! I am currently stalking the Punta Cana weather forecast (which can be pretty crazy-making because it changes every day). What I do know is that it will be in the 80s…and rain or no rain that is better than the 39 and cloudy I’m looking at outside of my window right [...]

  • Weekend: A Farm Wedding + Pool Time


    Hi and happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a great weekend. After teaching the “Yoga in the Meadow” event on Saturday, I spent the rest of the afternoon around the house cleaning, running and walking Sullie before getting ready for a wedding. The wedding was held at Morning Glory Farm in Monroe, NC. It was [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love…


    This is the happiest kind of Friday of them all…a long weekend Friday! Although I’m not traveling anywhere, I’m hoping to make the above photo a reality. My grand plans for the weekend include sleeping, pool time with friends, movies and just hanging out at home. Sounds like the perfect stay-cation to me! Here are [...]

  • Trip Photos + Golden Love + What I’m Reading (GONE GIRL!!!)


    I arrived home yesterday sun-kissed, rested and already a little homesick. I’m so thankful for the long weekend I spent with my parents and I’m already planning a return trip to stay longer this summer. I really want to STOP these six month spans between seeing each other. Family is too important. I really love the [...]

  • Favorite finds to snack on, listen to and read.


    Morning! Today’s post is going to be a hodge podge of recent favorites from music to food to reading material so let’s get right to it. Perfect early morning coffee sipping activity! :) To snack on… This artichoke spinach “hommus” from Cedar’s. So tasty! These crackers from Glutino. I tried this brand a few months [...]

  • 2013 Spring Reading List


    Thank you so much for all of your comments with book suggestions on my Trip Prep post. I found myself with eight books in my cart at Amazon and I could have kept going. I ended up making myself narrow it down to the following four titles. From top to bottom: Dancing on Broken Glass, [...]

  • Trip Prep – Swimwear, Dresses, Accessories & More


    Happy Monday! This time next week I will be in the Caribbean. I kind of can’t believe it. I have a crazy week to power through to get there but it will all be worth it when I’m planted on the beach with a drink and book in hand. I have had several requests recently [...]

  • Vacation = White Sand, Rainbows And Cake


    Vacation day one was a success. I didn’t work out, finished a book in 24 hours, napped on the beach, embraced my natural curls and went out for dinner with crazy hair and ate cake. I thought maybe I would go on a run yesterday morning but then my dad and I went to the [...]

  • Devil Dog


    I’m so happy to see the arrival of the weekend. It’s been a crazy week. I’m actually taking the weekend off and heading down to Georgia to visit my grandmother. I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving and we still need to do our Christmas celebration! Yesterday’s overnight oats were so good I had to repeat [...]

  • Beach Reads


    I am making my way through this week at a frantic pace…the to do list is a little out of control at work and in my personal life. I’m trying to get everything in a good place at work, packing, getting the blog ready so you guys have things to read while I’m gone, running [...]