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  • Weekend: Slowing Down + Opening Up


    I spent the summer getting outside of my comfort zone and focused on creating connection and experiences with new and old friends. I put myself out there in a way that I really haven’t in the past. I said yes to almost every invitation I got for everything from dinner to beach trips to workouts [...]

  • A Random One – BodyPump, CrossFit, Restaurant Review, Publix and MORE!


    Happy weekend! 1. I am glad y’all are on board with weekly fitness and yoga posts. I will kick it off on Monday! Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. I’m going to have quite an editorial calendar of topics. 2. If you are participating in the 26 Random Acts project, don’t forget that your random acts [...]

  • The Best Traditional Super Market (An Ode To Publix)


    Let’s take a quick break from vacation posting (although I edited like 50 more beautiful photos to share with you last night) and talk about super markets. Wow, how they have changed since my childhood. I remember growing up and going to the grocery with my dad to do the weekly shopping (it was called [...]