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  • Packing More Protein Into Breakfast with AllWhites Egg Whites {Recipe & Giveaway}


    Breakfast is an important meal that I never skip. There are so many benefits of eating breakfast including higher energy levels, increased mental focus, better portion control throughout the day, metabolism boost and maintaining body weight. My struggle with breakfast is getting enough protein. I blogged about how important protein is as a part of [...]

  • Smoothies In February + Raw Organic Whey Giveaway


    One question that I frequently receive is about whether or not I use protein powder and what brand I recommend. I’ll answer the first part of the question first. I don’t regularly use protein powder because I focus on getting my protein from natural food sources. I’ve cut back on my use of protein powder [...]

  • Protein, Allergies And Vitamins


    Friday is getting soooo close – I can’t wait! I have a fun weekend planned but I’ll tell you more about that later. I wanted to talk about a few health/nutrition-related things today. First up, protein.  For the past couple of weeks I have had this feeling tat I need to increase my protein intake. Over [...]

  • Meatless Protein Sources


    I hope everyone is having a great week. This week is flying by for me – work has been busy and my social and teaching calendar is full. Before I get going on today’s topic, I want to quickly address the terrible storms that hit Alabama today. Many of you know that Brandon and I [...]