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pot roast

  • Three Ingredient Pot Roast {Recipe}


    It’s comfort food season here in Charlotte. Last week we endured a stretch of arctic air and this week it’s a four days of rain and 40 degree temperatures. The weather, coupled with the sadness of taking all the holiday prettiness down and the realization we have a few more months of this weather, has left [...]

  • What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday


    Hi and happy hump day! I’m here with nothing but food pictures for you today after yesterday’s hair extravaganza! Thanks for all your comments and compliments. Apparently I need to buy a curling iron and spend some time on YouTube if I want to master curling my own hair. I started my day by teaching [...]

  • Taking the Bitter with the Sweet


    I was talking to my sweet grandmother a few weeks ago and telling her all the things that I had going on. There might have been a bit of whining involved and I loved it when she totally called me out and said, “you have to take the bitter with the sweet.” So for the [...]

  • The End of a Long Day


    I would write a real blog post for you tonight but I worked from 6 a.m.-8:30 p.m. today and I’m pretty done. Things are a little crazy right now but as my friend Andre reminded me, “you are living your dream.” It’s not like this all the time but it’s necessary right now. Things ebb [...]