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pork chops

  • Ancho Chile & Cinnamon Brined Bone-In Pork Chops


    I feel like pork chops don’t get the love they deserve. The pork chops of our youth were either thin cut and cooked until they were way overdone, fried or dare I mention Shake & Bake? (<— AHH! I swear I could taste that seasoning as I typed the words!) Luckily, I had parents who were pork [...]

  • Birds, Babies and What I’ve Been Eating Recently Wednesday


    Hi and happy Wednesday! I missed you guys yesterday because my day was jam-packed and ended with a fiasco of getting a bird out of my house and babies. I was getting ready to meet a girlfriend for a walk and dinner and went into the kitchen to find Zoey going crazy. She had a [...]

  • It’s Strawberry Season…More Dessert!


    Good morning and happy hump day!  :D I’m enjoying a  cup of coffee and writing a morning post since I missed you guys last night. We had dinner with friends and I was too exhausted to even turn on my laptop when we got home. In the spirit of Wednesday/Hump Day…what is one thing that’s [...]

  • Fall Grilling


    I’m taking a break from listening to really terrible music to update the blog. I’m downloading music for the new classes I’ll be teaching this weekend and it’s slim picking. The “workout music” selection on iTunes is made up of a lot of horrendous techno-ish covers. Wow. I can’t use my BodyPump music because it’s [...]