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pimento cheese

  • Pimento Cheese Pepper Jelly Phyllo Cups + A Baby Shower


    One of the things that I love the very most about yoga is the community that it creates. On Sunday I had the honor of attending a baby shower for a fellow teacher. It was the biggest baby shower I’ve ever been to with over 50 teachers and students in attendance. It was a special [...]

  • A Perfect Thanksgiving Eve


    I have had a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve. It started bright and early with teaching my normal Wednesday 6:30 a.m. yoga class at Y2 but I was blown away to walk in and find over 50 yogis waiting eagerly on their mats to start their morning with a practice. I guess everyone was trying to get [...]

  • Pimento Cheese Chicken


    Hola! I’m en route to Kiawah Island in South Carolina where I will spend the next 5 days at a Young President’s Organization conference. More details on that later but I’m so excited for the opportunity to attend this event. It’s going to be a once in a lifetime experience! First, let me give a [...]

  • Turning The (Baby Shower) Corner


    If I’m going to be really honest here then I have to say that I usually have mild anxiety when I receive a baby shower invitation. It’s not that I don’t think babies and pregnant ladies are wonderful but I’m just not good at all the baby stuff. First, the whole gift thing is always [...]

  • Ghandi Inspired Giveaway


    Because it’s Monday… Because I had to drive four hours in fog and rain… Because I am feeling inspired by “Ghandi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World”… It’s giveaway time! Keep reading…details are coming. I slept until about 8 this morning and then came downstairs for breakfast and coffee with my grandmother. I don’t even [...]

  • Face Matters


    Hi guys! How is your week going? I said this last week but it’s happening again…my week is flying by. I am really busy at work right now and have a ton of teaching commitments this week due to subbing. I’m not complaining though, it’s wonderful! Shocker…I did not get up for my Tuesday morning [...]