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personal growth

  • The Eye-Opening Time Evaluation Exercise That You Need To Do!


    I’ve always sprinkled personal development/career/growth/deep thoughts posts into my blog content in the past but in 2017 I’m efforting to share MORE of that with you. I’ll be writing more about some of the topics I talk about in my yoga classes as well as some of the personal growth exercises that we do in [...]

  • 5 Favorite Feel Good Reads


    I have always been a voracious reader but for most of my life it was all about fiction with the occasional memoire thrown in here and there. After completing yoga teacher training, I got sucked into the world of non-fiction and personal development kind of books. These days, I have a mix of fiction and [...]

  • On Blooming


    Hello and happy Spring Equinox. After weeks of gorgeous, sunny, 70 degree weather, the Spring Equinox here in Charlotte was a cold, gray day but it felt totally appropriate to remind me what we’re saying goodbye to. I love how each season has a very specific feel to it. Summer is full of long days and [...]

  • Practice Progress: Handstand to Crow and Learning to Be Stronger


    I wasn’t planning on practicing today. I started my day at 6 a.m. teaching yoga, trained a client at Metro after and then had my butt glued to my office chair for eight hours. I was driving back to the gym to train a client at 6 p.m. when I got a text from her [...]

  • Join Me for a Core Desire Yoga Retreat in Isle of Palms, SC


    Last spring I announced the launch of Core Desire Yoga, a new venture combining two things that I love the most…personal growth and yoga. Even better, I partnered with my friend and fellow yoga teacher Dorie Fusaro to create it. What is Core Desire Yoga? Core Desire Yoga offers weekend workshops and retreats that combine [...]

  • Introducing Core Desire Yoga


    Teaching yoga is my favorite thing in the whole world to do. While I love so many things about teaching, helping my students realize and believe in their own strength and start a journey of personal growth is high on the list. You see, what often begins as a physical practice that is a “good [...]

  • On Swirling and Expanding


    Type, delete. Type, delete. This is how so many of my posts start. “Hey guys, Happy Tuesday!” is NOT working for me today. Blogging is difficult sometimes because there is this whole life thing going on behind the scenes of what I show you every day. And mine has a tendency of late to look [...]

  • You Are Okay


    The last couple of years have been really up and down for me on a personal and professional level. There have been moments where I’ve wondered how I could possibly be in any more pain and I even uttered the words “I’m dying” on more occasions than I care to admit.  I believe that the [...]

  • A Resetting Of Sorts


    I’m currently in route back to Charlotte where a mammoth week of work that will end in my weekend CrossFit Level 1 Course waits for me when I touch down. But I’m pleased to say that I’m approaching it with less anxiety and stress and more confidence and contentment. This trip has been both nice [...]

  • Flying Splits


    Today I finally got an arm balance that I’ve been working on for years. I attended a workshop this morning with Jim Bennitt at Be Yoga. The workshop focused on balancing postures and arm balances and we also did a lot of back bending (which I love). We didn’t really do much in the way [...]