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  • Let Me Upgrade You {iPod Touch Review} + Recent Eats


    You’re totally singing Beyonce in your head now, right? My life changed a little bit yesterday. I received a very generous gift of a brand new 64-gig iPod touch for all of my yoga music and work social media needs. Within an hour I had it fully loaded with all my favorite apps and every [...]

  • One of Those Days


    It’s been one of those days…but I kind of just have to laugh about it. It culminated with my iPod dying 10 minutes before my yoga class started this evening and Brandon throwing his back out at his bowling league.  Yes,  you read that right. My husband is in a bowling league and he threw [...]

  • Another Ridiculously Long Post with Lots of Food


    Part two of my ridiculously long weekend overview post. Need to catch up? Part one is here. Read at your own risk – it’s a long one! After Saturday night’s food-fest at The Palm I had to regroup and get ready to do it all over again for Sunday brunch. We had a family birthday [...]