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  • Lately & Weekend: The Best Run + The Best Low-Key Saturday Night


    I hope you guys had a good Monday. My eyes bolted awake at 5 a.m. and I could never get back to sleep. I decided to start my day on a mindful note and I did a guided morning meditation from my Insight Timer app. The meditation included seven affirmations for the day, the last [...]

  • Restorative


    The past few weeks have been a little off with regards to my workouts due to my hamstring injury. Rather than continuing to push through increasingly worsening pain, I’ve backed off of it to allow for recovery and healing. I haven’t run in 17 days (who’s counting?) and I’ve scaled back my yoga practice. Absent [...]

  • Indian Feast and Trash TV


    I don’t have much for you guys today. I’ve been enjoying living the housewife life! ;) Tomorrow is my last day off – it’s been a fun few days but I’m definitely ready to start my new adventure on Thursday. I slept until 9 a.m. this morning for a whopping total of 10 hours of [...]