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  • On Why You Should Not Go To Ikea Solo


    Today I made the terrible mistake of going to Ikea solo. Part of me felt like a woman on a mission as I battled crowds, (not so gracefully) lugged 55 pound boxes onto my push cart and withstood lines 100 deep to check out but the other part of me felt lonelier than I have in a [...]

  • Long Weekend Love


    Ahhh…I love Sunday night that feels like Saturday. It’s so nice to know I don’t have to be up at 5 a.m. Monday to teach BodyPump! (And not that I don’t love it, it’s just nice to have a morning off!) We’ve done our best to make this long weekend count since we’re not traveling. [...]

  • Construction Zone


    Well, things haven’t improved over here on the messy front…in fact, I think they’ve gotten worse! Our bedroom has now also fallen victim to furniture construction. :shock: (But check out the nightstands that went in last night – looking good!) So Brandon is in the midst of furniture making, night two and things have only [...]

  • A Messy Sunday


    It’s been a messy, messy day in our house. First, the Christmas tree and decorations came down…leaving a path of destruction. Pine needles everywhere! I really do not enjoy “undecorating” after the holidays. It is sad and makes a mess. Second, we went to Ikea to purchase a few new pieces of furniture for our [...]