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hamstring injury

  • Saturday


    Happy weekend. I’m sorry I have been MIA…lots happening right now – it’s been a weird couple of days. Quick check in…Saturday started with an early 90-minute yoga practice followed by a massage appointment for my hamstring. This was so not the relaxing kind of massage but rather very focused on recovery and rehabilitation. I [...]

  • Positivity and the Pool


    I hope your Monday is off to a great start! Recently, I’ve been all about committing to starting my week with a positive attitude. Instead of looking for things to dread about Monday and the work week, I focus on all the fun and exciting things I get to do. These things can be as [...]

  • A Short Work Week and 2011 Planning


    I’m back in action from Charlotte. We made our way back yesterday fueled by a Starbucks stop. Soy Skinny Vanilla Latte with one pump of vanilla. I used to love skinny vanilla lattes but now even with only one pump, I find them WAY too sweet. Regardless, this gave me the caffeine boost I needed [...]