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  • Weekend: Furniture, FroYo and Yoga Clothes


    It has been the most beautiful weekend here in Charlotte. Blue skies and 70+ degrees. Happy! It was so nice to have a weekend at home for the first time in several weeks. I spent my time catching up, running errands, working around the house and teaching. I can’t wait to share my ALDI trip [...]

  • The Bedroom Redo


    I promised you guys pictures of our recent bedroom redo.  Furniture is something that we are slowly working to update in our new house (we just bought it last April). Unfortunately, most of our furniture is still mainly made up of college pieces and hand me downs from family. We decided that the bedroom was [...]

  • Construction Zone


    Well, things haven’t improved over here on the messy front…in fact, I think they’ve gotten worse! Our bedroom has now also fallen victim to furniture construction. :shock: (But check out the nightstands that went in last night – looking good!) So Brandon is in the midst of furniture making, night two and things have only [...]