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  • 6 Drawbacks of Working in the Fitness, Blogging & Freelance Industries


    On this day four years ago I spent my last workday sitting in a cubicle. (For those of you just catching up, I worked in advertising and marketing for six years before making the switch to fitness and freelance full-time. You can read more about it in this post.) Each year on this day I [...]

  • Fitness Industry Careers: The Importance of Adaptability


    One of the most important qualities to have when you work in the fitness industry is the ability to adapt…and quickly. I 100% endorse planning for your clients and classes but you also have to be able to abandon that plan depending on how your clients show up, outside circumstances that are out of your [...]

  • The Next Chapter


    Happy Monday! The week is off to quite a big start over here. I am beyond excited to announce the “thing” that’s been in the works for weeks now. Effective today I am the general manager of Metro Fitness Club. Here is the press release that went out this morning with all the details… Jennifer DeCurtins [...]