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  • Sushi and Smoothies


    Good morning! I hope that your Saturday is off to a wonderful start. I woke up early but rather than rush off to run or take a yoga class, I decided to take it easy on the couch with some coffee and breakfast. It’s rainy and gross out and it feels nice to start my [...]

  • A Crazy V-Day


    I am a broken record on Tuesdays. I’m exhausted. That’s all going to change soon though as I get back on a more normal schedule. Although I love everything that I have done today, I’m definitely looking forward to being a bit more focused and not all over the place all day, every day. The [...]

  • So Much Yoga


    It’s been a yoga-rific week. Over the past three days I have taught ELEVEN classes/privates. While I love yoga with all my heart, I do not even want to say the words “inhale upward facing dog, exhale downward facing dog” right now. And I’ve only been able to personally practice one day this week and [...]

  • Devil Dog


    I’m so happy to see the arrival of the weekend. It’s been a crazy week. I’m actually taking the weekend off and heading down to Georgia to visit my grandmother. I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving and we still need to do our Christmas celebration! Yesterday’s overnight oats were so good I had to repeat [...]

  • Build Your Own


    I was so excited to receive so much positive feedback on my Stress Less post. Unfortunately, I know that stress is something that most of us can relate to so I think it’s important to focus on dealing with it in healthy ways. So no photos from my day yesterday because I was on a [...]

  • A Birthday Boy


    Guess who has a birthday on Wednesday!? Wish my sweet husband a happy birthday! He’s 29…just one more year until the big 3-0! I like to tease him about it. And just for fun, check out my happy birthday post for him last year. It’s a good one! :P Side note, I love that I [...]