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  • A Look Behind the Curtain on Running a Small Business with my Partner + Friday Randoms


    Happy Friday friends. I didn’t mean to pull a disappearing act this week but after I published my 200-hour yoga teacher training post on Tuesday night, I just hit a wall. I wasn’t crazy busy this week or sick or anything…just lacking inspiration/creative flow. Sometimes I find it useful to “power through” these times but [...]

  • Eleven Years Old


    My Sullie girl turned 11 today. Pretty crazy considering the first birthday I documented on this blog was her fourth. (Baby Jen and baby Sullie) I know you have heard me say this over and over and over again but Sullie is my rock. I wanted a dog of my own so badly for a [...]

  • Weekend: Lake Wylie Adventure + Birthday Cake


    Despite the fact that I’ve emerged from the weekend with some sort of funky chest cold, we had such a fun and relaxed time. We typically stay in on Friday nights because we’re tired from the week and Tanner teaches a double header on Saturday mornings, 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. I picked up some stuffed [...]

  • A Sunny, Social Weekend + The Funniest Dog Video


    I had such a fun weekend! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the weather was amazing so that always puts me in a great mood. It wasn’t a teacher training weekend so we enjoyed having a break from that. Also, I ended up having a lot of plans with friends and co-workers so that was [...]

  • Adventures in Dogland (and a few safety reminders)


    Well, it’s been an interesting 48 hours in dogland. First, we had an overnight visitor. Second, Zoey is in a cone. Let’s talk about our visitor first. Tanner went out for a run on Sunday night just as it was getting dark and called me about 15 minutes into the run. When I answered the [...]

  • Zoey Turns Two!


    Well, I’m happy to report that Zoey and I made the 4:45 a.m. run happen this morning. Zoey was SO confused about why I was waking her up at 4:30. I got down on the floor next to her bed and whispered, “Happy Birthday Zoey! Do you want to go for a run?” She was [...]

  • My Top 10 Tips for Raising a Puppy


    I regularly receive emails from readers with new puppies asking for advice on everything from food to training to exercising to gear and more. Since I’m such a dog person and I share so much about our dogs with you, I thought that I’d sprinkle a few pet posts in here and there. I’m going [...]

  • An Unexpected Weekend


    My weekend didn’t exactly go as expected. I planned to go visit my grandmother in Georgia but I felt kind of off on Friday so I decided to delay my visit until Saturday and see how I felt. I’m so glad that I did because I was coughing and had lost my voice by the [...]

  • Adding a Second Dog to the Family + Zoey at Six Months


    Zoey turned six months old two weeks ago and it’s hard to believe that she’s gone from this on her first night home… To this… …at six months old. The number one question I get is “How are Sullie and Zoey getting along?” I’ve been promising a post on adding a second dog for a [...]

  • My Best Friend


    Hi! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. I stayed in town and kept it pretty low key. I did decide to take a blog/technology break and spent time doing things around the house, hanging out with friends and teaching instead. It was a nice mental break. I’ll share scenes from the weekend later today [...]

  • Good Things


    It’s a big Saturday full of good things! #1. It’s September 1.  September brings not only the start of a new month but a whole new season. I find this to be a great time to stop and evaluate where you are and what direction you want to head in. #2. It’s Gameday! It’s the [...]

  • Pups + Pizza = Happiness


    One of the perks of my job (there are too many to list!) is that I can bring Sullie into the gym with me when I’m spending time knocking out desk work. Science Daily actually just published an article about a study that shows dogs in the workplace can reduce stress and make the job more satisfying for [...]

  • The Cure For A Doggy Bad Day


    Hi there! Yesterday I took the day off from blogging because I pretty much had no desire to take pictures of my food or write about my day. It was busy but nothing special. I also took the day off from exercise because I was long overdo a rest day. I had intentions of running [...]

  • Back to Charlotte + 8 Miler


    Look who’s happy that I’m home. I drove back to Charlotte this evening. I got in around 7 and Sullie hasn’t left my side since. I was only gone for two nights! It was really hard to leave my grandmother after such a great visit. She said she felt like a movie star after reading [...]

  • New and Exciting


    And I’m back…I’m sorry that I didn’t post yesterday but once you hear about the day I had you will understand why it didn’t happen. First things first – exciting news! I know I told you that I’ve been living the housewife life the last few days. Well, it’s because my last day at my [...]

  • Birthday Recap and Giveaway Winner


    My birthday was pretty low-key but I felt very loved! Between my friends, family, Facebook, Twitter and the blog I think I got a “happy birthday” every 5 minutes. Nice! There was a common theme to my day yesterday – carbs. At first I felt guilty but then I decided it was my birthday and [...]

  • Dogs on the Run


    I received a Facebook message today from an old friend asking about running with her dog, Cooper. She’s having problems with other neighborhood dogs chasing/following her and Cooper. I was thinking about this on my run with Sullie today and thought that it might be beneficial for some readers if I talked about 1) running [...]