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crossfit endurance

  • CrossFit Endurance Training Weekend: My Experience


    Last weekend I completed a two-day CrossFit Endurance seminar in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I wanted to write a recap to provide an overview of the seminar to anyone who might be interested in attending one as well as to share my experience with readers because it was an interesting two days! This will [...]

  • CrossFit Endurance: Day Two Eats + Travel


    I just arrived back in Charlotte from my weekend in Hilton Head for the CrossFit Endurance seminar. I learned so much this weekend and have quite a list of topic ideas for the blog that I think you’ll really enjoy…and they’re running/endurance training related…imagine that! I’ll post a recap of my weekend of training tomorrow [...]

  • I’m At The Beach


    I’m at the beach! It feels so good to see the water. I haven’t been to a beach since late last summer and I think that may be a record for me…far too long! I’m in Hilton Head, South Carolina but not for a relaxing weekend of lounging beachside with drink in hand. Quite the [...]