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  • 20 ways YOU make the most of every day!


    A couple of weeks ago as part of my “Live Your Life with Heart” partnership with CocoaVia®, I shared 5 ways that I make the most of every day. I asked you guys to share back to me how you live a life that’s full of heart and happiness and received some seriously amazing responses [...]

  • Putting Down the iPhone


    If you haven’t read Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly, you are missing out. It was hands down THE most influential book that I read in 2013…to the point where it has created changes in my behavior in several aspects of my life. It’s all about embracing vulnerability and imperfection and living wholeheartedly in a world [...]

  • Women Supporting Women


    I can’t even tell you how many conversations I have had with this year with female friends, co-workers, students, business owners, etc. who have dealt with competition, jealously, gossip, resentment and overall lack of support among women. I walked into my 8:10 yoga class today feeling overwhelmed and sad by this current epidemic of women [...]