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cinnamon rolls

  • A Very Southern Christmas


    Merry day after Christmas from me and my two beautiful, sweet girls! I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely day of loved ones and celebration. I traveled to my grandmother’s house in Georgia on Christmas Eve with these two and a car full of gifts. It was…an experience…but we made it and that’s all that matters. I arrived in [...]

  • Overnight Homemade Cinnamon Rolls


    Hola! I’m back in Charlotte where it’s sunny and 80 degrees. That’s how we do things in the South. It was 40 degrees and sleeting this time last week. Now we’ve fast-forwarded right into early summer. It will be 90 degrees before we know it. I LOVE IT. Okay, the real reason for this post [...]

  • At Our Own Pace


    Happy weekend! We’re hanging out in Charlotte this weekend. It’s so nice to relax and go at our own pace. I taught BodyPump this morning and am heading to Y2 yoga in a bit for a three-hour yoga bootcamp. I’m getting nervous. I did one a couple of months ago and it was very challenging. [...]