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  • I Feel Like the Tin Man + Weekend + Last Week’s Workouts


    I was like the tin man getting out of bed this morning. I almost crumbled to the ground when I tried to stand up because my calf muscles were so sore. While my long runs left me with tired legs, they never left me this sore. Amping up the intensity/pace for a race + hills takes running [...]

  • Grumpy Golden + Girl’s Night + Blood Moon


    Good morning! Here’s what I’m working with over here… A grumpy golden retriever! Wednesday morning is my “sleep in morning” in that it’s the only day of the week that I start at 6:30 a.m. instead of 5:30 a.m. but apparently Sullie didn’t think 6 a.m. was any kinder of an hour than 5 a.m. [...]

  • Loving My Skin: Complete AM and PM Skincare Routine


    One of the topics that I have blogged about consistently over the years in addition to all the fitness, food and yoga is my skin. I consider skincare to be very relevant to healthy living. I first shared my skincare struggles in a post I wrote in May 2011 and I have provided regular status [...]

  • Giving Up the Flat Iron, Pancakes & Winners


    Hi there! I have loved your enthusiasm this week about froyo, Coldplay and Target. Read to the end of the post for the giveaway winners! :) I have a little more shopping to share with you + some delicious recent eats. Talk about stores that suck you in and make you spend more money than [...]

  • Final Blogiversary Giveaway: Carolina Facial Plastics Services


    Hey, hey! It’s time for the final four year blogiversary giveaway! It’s been fun celebrating four years of PBR with awesome giveaways from Tommie Copper, Erin McDermott, Reebok and now Carolina Facial Plastics for my Charlotte area readers. As a token of my thanks to you for your support and for being awesome readers in [...]

  • New Beauty Products I’m Loving: Latisse, Jane Iredell & Vitamin C


    I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been to meet with an esthetician monthly to talk about my skin as part of my partnership with Carolina Facial Plastics. I truly feel that we are on the path to a long-term sustainable skincare routine that I can stick with for years and years to come! Today [...]

  • Kicking Off My New Skin Care Routine with Carolina Facial Plastics


    I announced one month ago that I’m partnering with Carolina Facial Plastics for one year to blog about my experience of “being the best me” in exchange for complimentary services. I’ll be writing a monthly post updating you on my skin care routine in addition to other (non-surgical!) products and services that I try. Many [...]

  • 12 Months with Carolina Facial Plastics


    One of the topics that I’ve really enjoyed writing about on this blog is skin care and sharing my experiences with you. As women, I think that we all struggle at some point (some of us more than others) with determining what exactly our needs are and how to stay on top of them as [...]

  • My First Peel at Carolina Facial Plastics


    A few weeks ago I made my first visit to a plastic surgeon’s office. Don’t freak out on me the way my mom did when I delivered this news…no, I am not having any procedures done any time soon. I was invited by Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh and his wife Sara to come visit their office. [...]