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  • Welcoming 2015 + NYE Outfit


    Happy Friday and Happy New Year! I kicked off my New Year’s Eve by teaching a 6 a.m. hot yoga class at Charlotte Yoga. It was 28 degrees when I left for class so the monkey hat was a must! :) I spent the rest of the day working on the computer, cleaning, in meetings [...]

  • Salted Fudge Brownies (The Best Brownie Recipe Ever!)


    When it comes to desserts I tend to gravitate more towards fruity flavored things rather than chocolate. When I look at a dessert menu I can always pass on things like chocolate cake and chocolate mousse. I like chocolate in things but I don’t like strictly chocolate flavored things. Does that make any sense at [...]

  • Sweet Summer


    I cannot believe that it is already August…and that we haven’t had a 100+ degree here in North Carolina. For whatever reason 2012 seemed to move at a snail’s pace but 2013 is absolutely flying by. Here are a few things that are giving me a sweet start to my August. Salads. This summer has [...]

  • Girls Weekend


    One guess where I am. Asheville. I just can’t stay away! I have been planning a girls weekend getaway for months and it’s finally here! You all know how much I love Asheville and I’m thrilled to be here on such a beautiful weekend with wonderful friends. I knew today would be crazy trying with [...]

  • Busy Week Eats and Lollihop Winner


    In case you haven’t noticed, this week has been a little crazy and I have been focused on things other than the blog. Apologies. Even when I’m busy and stressed, I try my best to get good meals in. It can be a challenge because sometimes I lose my appetite when I’m stressed and the last [...]

  • Two Goldens Are Better Than One


    Oh man…it’s dog chaos at our house and I love it! Brandon’s cousin Jason is in town visiting family and staying with us for a couple of days. He brought is super cute golden retriever puppy, Goose. He’s only 7 months old! Goose and Sullie have been playing (in the dirt, of course) since his [...]

  • Embracing the Taper


    Well, it’s been a long road but I’ve finally reached the point in marathon training that I’ve been working for the last 14 weeks – TAPER TIME. And as to be expected, I’m only two days into the taper and already losing my mind. Can’t I just squeeze one more long run in? Why can’t [...]