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  • Simple Saturdays


    I had been craving a bagel all week and it was once again the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning. I decided that Saturday morning bagel and coffee sounded nice so off I went, in all my bed head glory, to pick up a bagel. I got a honey grain [...]

  • Unusual Weekend Activities + Eats


    I have been in such a weird place lately with my workouts and eats. My body is all off. I woke up sick on Saturday morning and ended up spending a chunk of my day at urgent care. The wait was 2.5 hours! The good news? They will let you leave and call you when [...]

  • Break from Normal


    I have been a little out of my regular routine this week…eats/workouts/etc. First, I’ve been on a bagel eating roll. I never crave bagels. I’m usually all about oatmeal or Greek yogurt in the morning. A whole wheat bagel with honey almond cream cheese and coffee with a friend Thursday morning. And a honey whole wheat [...]

  • The Weekend: Baking + Bootcamp Day 1


    Thank you so much for the positive feedback on my new blog design. I hope you love it as much as I do. I can’t stop looking at it! ;) So when I wasn’t making googly eyes at my blog this weekend, I was doing all kinds of fun non-computer things like cooking, teaching and [...]