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Weekend At The Beach + An Easy Week of Workouts

Hi there. I hope it was a great weekend. I have been soaking up time with my family (and sleep…lots of sleep). I got to take a short mandated weekend break from the blog because my tech guru (who is an angel sent from heaven) has spent the last few days moving my site to a new hosting service and a faster server. This means you should experience much, much faster load times!


It didn’t take much convincing to get me to take the break. 😉


The weather was cloudy and cool for the first few days I was here but it made for perfect beach walking weather. (I’ve been SnapChatting my trip… @jendecurtins.)


The sun finally broke through on Saturday afternoon and it’s been absolutely lovely ever since.


Tonight is the last night of my trip so my parents took me out for dinner on the water. This is such a nice time of the year at the beach. The weather is perfect…in the 70s and not too hot or cold…the spring break crowds are gone and the summer crowds have yet to arrive.

Transitioning to last week’s workouts, I found myself feeling a little run down and in need of an easy week. I took two full rest days, one walking day and one yoga day. My body needed it so I listened. There are times to go hard and times to back off.




2.5 mile treadmill run with intervals + training session

We worked all unilateral movements for both upper and lower body, including assisted one-arm pull ups. My first time ever!




2.5 mile treadmill run with intervals + strength on my own


2 mile treadmill run + strength on my own


5 mile beach walk

This was no joke. It took me about an hour and a half and I was so tired afterwards! Soft sand + wind made for quite a challenge.


Vinyasa yoga at Balance 30A with owner Kelli Precourt

What did your weekend look like? 

Do you find that you vary between easy and more intense workout weeks? Are you able to vary based on how you feel? 

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  • Hilary April 18, 2016, 12:16 pm

    A 5 mile beach walk sounds amazing. I am taking a trip to the beach this coming weekend and hope it is just as relaxing as yours was!

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