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Tater Turns 26

Everyone wish Katie from Sweet Tater Blog a very happy birthday! Today is her 26th!

Last night Katie hosted a girls-only get together complete with wine, champagne, cats and cupcakes.

Strawberry-rhubarb pie, vegan chocolate coconut cake, vegan/gluten-free blueberry lemonade cupcakes and vegan/gluten-free strawberry cupcakes. I sampled everything but a blueberry cupcake because I just couldn’t fit another one in!

I especially enjoyed the chance to finally meet Katie’s famous cats in person.

Katie says she can buy Weaz all the toys in the world but a plastic bag remains her favorite way to entertain herself.

(photo credit: Katie)

Sarah came with me to the birthday party – we had dinner with our husbands and then sent them off for beers while we cupcaked.

We met at Kickstand for a casual dinner.

I had a black bean burger on a salad with romain, walnuts, tomatoes, corn relish and blue cheese. And while I was photographing my dinner the guy in the booth across from us stopped me to ask what on earth I was doing. I smiled and gave him a blog card – he requested a shout out so here it is! I wonder how many people thing I’m crazy for taking pictures of my food and never say anything… 😉

I was up at 6:30 this morning to head to Y2 for a 90-minute practice. I love to get it done early so I can enjoy the rest of my day. After yoga I hit up Starbucks and the farmer’s market. Today’s haul included blueberries, peaches, pattypan squash, tomatoes and eggplant. Yum!

Brunch when I got home was an egg scramble – 1 egg, 1 egg white, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, spinach, basil and havarti along with watermelon and a slice of Great Harvest whole wheat cinnamon raisin walnut.

Off to get my brows waxed and run some shopping errands. Have a great Saturday friends!


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