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  • Taking Stock, Part 2


      I first posted this “Currently” survey-style blog post back in October 2014 after seeing it on my friend Teri’s blog. I came across the old post a couple of weeks ago and put it in the queue for a redo. So here’s the 2017 edition! CURRENTLY… MAKING: plans to visit my grandmother very soon. I [...]

  • Six Years of PBR + 2016 Reader Survey Results


    On Saturday I celebrated the six years of Peanut Butter Runner. When I wrote my first post I never dreamed my blog would grow into what it is today. Sharing daily updates about my life online for this many years has been something that I’ve grown and learned from as I’ve navigated my way through everything from quitting [...]

  • 2016 Reader Survey + Giveaway


    Hi and happy Monday! I hope that your week is off to a great start. Today I’m here to ask for your feedback with my first ever reader survey. In our yoga community, giving and receiving feedback is an important part of our culture as feedback is an extremely useful vehicle for growth. At the end of every [...]

  • Four Things…Random Life, Food, Travel and Entertainment Survey


    Happy weekend! I am so distracted by this. These two are completely melting my heart. They have been absolutely inseparable. My friend, fellow blogger and fellow Georgia Bulldog Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life tagged me to complete this “Four Things” survey that’s making its way around the blog world. Enjoy! :) Four names [...]

  • A Saturday Survey…”Taking Stock”


    I hope everyone is having a great Saturday! My Saturdays are generally my “feel like a normal human” days. I teach yoga in the mornings and then do all the farmers market, house cleaning, working out, pampering, relaxing, friend kind of stuff. My friend Terri shared a fun survey kind of post today so I thought [...]