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sunset beach

  • 15 Scenes from Sunset


    I’m off soaking up the last day of Sunset Beach with my friend Dorie’s family. This is my third year joining her family vacation and I couldn’t be happier to return to this very special place. Here are 15 scenes from my time at Sunset. Sunset from the back porch Beach time. Fish taco feast for 10. [...]

  • A Long Weekend in Sunset Beach


    I’m back from a quick but lovely visit to Sunset Beach! As I’ve shared before, my close friend (and Core Desire Yoga business partner) Dorie rents a house for two weeks every summer with her family and this was the second summer that I’ve joined them for a few days. It’s a full house of [...]

  • Recent Eats + Discovering Kohlrabi


    Hi from Sunset Beach, North Carolina. I arrived yesterday and crashed my girlfriend’s annual family beach trip. Some of you might remember my trip here last summer. (This post and this post.) It was five of the happiest days ever so I made it a priority to break away again this year to come down [...]

  • So Much Worth Smiling For


    I finally came home from the beach today. I was originally supposed to return Tuesday. Then I stayed until Wednesday. Then Wednesday rolled around and I was still in my PJs working at 3 p.m. I decided it was a better plan to hit the beach for a few hours and have one last family dinner and then [...]

  • Sunset Beach


    On Saturday after the baby shower I left Charlotte to spend a few days at the beach with a girlfriend and her family. They rent a house in Sunset Beach for two weeks every summer and she invited me to join them for a few days. It’s been so much fun to be a part [...]