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life changes

  • The Evolution of Two Blogs & One Girl


    I got my start as a blogger five years ago when I launched my food and recipe blog, Bakin’ and Eggs, and shared my dad’s chili recipe. I started Bakin’ and Eggs because I was constantly getting asked by friends and co-workers, “What should I make for dinner?,” “Do you have a recipe for…?”How do [...]

  • What I’m Reading + The Best Summer Lunch


    Hi there. I’m back in Charlotte where it seems that things are exactly as I left them. I had to get away because I missed my parents and also because I needed a step back. I find that I have to get out of my day-to-day reality sometimes to gain clarity on the big picture. [...]

  • A Career Update


    Remember how I left my career in advertising last September to “live the dream” and pursue my passion for fitness? I pulled it off. The mix of teaching yoga, training clients and my blog provided me the financial stability I needed to do the things I loved. Despite the fact that I was teaching upwards [...]

  • Career Change: One Month Check-In


    Four weeks ago today I left my career in advertising and announced my decision to pursue fitness full-time. When I walked out of my office for the last time I felt exhilarated but also a little scared. Here is a look at how things are going at the one month mark. I’m feeling… Happy. Work [...]