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  • Customer Service Win + The Best Grilled Cheese Ever


    This was a working Saturday for me which I was prepared for. Unfortunately, it also ended up being stressful on the life front for a couple of reasons including my car going crazy. Car trouble is always no bueno but I am so lucky with how my situation turned out. Let’s start with breakfast. I [...]

  • Food Truck Fun


    Happy Friday! I have a quick break between classes so I thought that I would get you updated before the weekend. Be on the lookout, I’m going to be posting my first real workout post this weekend. I did an outdoor cardio strength circuit yesterday that I want to share with you. It was a [...]

  • Food Truck Picnic


    I’ll start this post with a recap of today’s workouts because it was a bit of change of pace for me. I received an email from one of my fellow teacher trainees last night that she was going to the studio this morning to practice ashtanga (there was no class scheduled). I wasn’t planning on [...]