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dog food

  • Finding Joy in the Everyday Adventures…Another Lesson Learned from the Pups!


    I’m partnering with Castor & Pollux to bring you today’s post. Prepare yourselves. I have another sentimental dog mom post coming at you today. I find that I am constantly learning life lessons learning from my girls and last week was no different. As part of my partnership with ORGANIX, I was to take the [...]

  • Going organic with ORGANIX dog food + 5 tips for feeding time


    I'm partnering with Castor & Pollux to bring you today's post. My fellow dog mommas are going to love this one! I typically write a weekly post where I share what I've been eating but today I'm switching gears and showing you what the furry members of this household have been eating recently. It's been [...]

  • Oink, Oink – Feeding Sullie


    I thought it would be interesting to do a post on what Sullie eats. I know that many of you are pet owners and I wanted to share my experience with finding a food that works for Sullie as well as the extra treats and supplements. I grew up with dogs and they were always [...]