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  • Starting Off With A Bang


    First, thanks for all of the happy birthday wishes. It was a happy weekend. But I have to say 30 isn’t off to the greatest start! I got my first migraine headache on Saturday night and it completely freaked me out. I couldn’t sleep because my head hurt so bad so I got up at [...]

  • Baby I Like It


    It only seems right to bring in the weekend with a post title courtesey of Enrique Iglesias. Haha. Although every time I hear that song it puts me in BodyPump mode because it’s a triceps track. I just want to yell out “singles.” Okay, so let’s actually discuss the relevancy of the title. This post [...]

  • Another Ridiculously Long Post with Lots of Food


    Part two of my ridiculously long weekend overview post. Need to catch up? Part one is here. Read at your own risk – it’s a long one! After Saturday night’s food-fest at The Palm I had to regroup and get ready to do it all over again for Sunday brunch. We had a family birthday [...]