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Meet Josh Brown

I don’t claim to know much about art and I can’t say that I have any custom art in my home but that may change very soon. I have a pretty cool story to share with you.


Meet Josh Brown. He’s not only an accomplished and amazingly talented artist but he’s also smart and athletic. Josh is a native of Charlotte and I met him through Metro CrossFit. He graduated from a local high school and is attending the Savannah College of Art and Design where he plays starting goalkeeper for the soccer team. Josh is majoring in industrial design and spends his free time playing soccer, working out and painting. When he’s home from school he works out with us at Metro.

Josh had an opening at the Shain Gallery here in Charlotte on Friday night and I was thrilled to go and support him.


I LOVE Josh’s work. He’s currently on a kick of paining bold graphic animals and I think they’re pretty amazing. Pink zebras.


Polar bears.



Greek donkeys.


And the meerkats!

Not only do I think Josh is extremely talented but he’s also a wonderful person. It makes me so happy to see someone who is young, well-rounded, passionate and succeeding in what they love to do!

Please check out Josh’s work. I will certainly be hanging some in my home very soon!

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