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Oh What A Week

I have so much to fill you guys in on. It’s been quite a week…am so it’s only Wednesday morning.

I’m drinking all the coffee right now as I juggle responding to about a gazillion Facebook messages about furniture I’m selling in the marketplace. Have y’all ever done this before? It’s convenient but a good bit of work answering questions and negotiating prices and times for people to look at and pick things up.

Side note: I found this mug as I was unpacking a bunch of boxes of china and crystal that my parents gave me a few years ago that were in the closet of our old house. It made me super happy and reminded me of my childhood. ๐Ÿ™‚

So…this week. Moving has been a beast in itself. I felt pretty good, organized and sane during the packing process but this unpacking is a totally different story. We’ve been working so hard and it’s taking us forever to get settled. The kitchen is done as well as the master and guest bedrooms and bathrooms. Dining and living are 80% done and den and office/3rd bedroom are complete clusters. We also need to reorganize and optimize our attic and outside storage spaces.

On top of the move, on Monday I had the “Monday to beat all Mondays.”

First, I spilled an entire mug of hot tea down my chest and stomach, leaving me with second degree burns on my chest and first degree in a line down my stomach.

*warning, graphic photo coming*

I have this mug that someone gave me as a gift that is slippery and oversized…but I like the quote on it. :p I’ve almost dropped it while holding it multiple times before.

On Monday I made my afternoon tea in the microwave. We have a new microwave so I’m still trying to get used to the temperatures/times. I heated the tea for 2 minutes, put it down on the table and then picked it up to take a sip. As I was bringing it up to my mouth I lost my grip on it and the hot tea went straight down my sports bra. I stood there in shock for a minute and then stripped and started hosing myself down at the kitchen sink.

The pain was so, so bad for about an hour. I had to lay in bed with a wet towel over my chest and stomach until the burning subsided. I was shaking and couldn’t really focus on anything but the pain. Tanner was in the middle of a doctor’s appointment and having a test run so he couldn’t come straight home. It also wasn’t an emergency, I was just in pain.

Luckily, we have lots of doctor friends/students so I texted one of them a pic (she’s an ER doc) and she forwarded it to her husband (who is a plastic surgeon). He said he wanted to see me in the office to dress the wound. His nurse put this awesome burn covering over the second degree burns that protects them and allows me to do things like sleep, shower and wear clothes without pain.

He says as long as I take good care of it and keep it out of the sun this spring/summer, I should be able to avoid bad scarring.

It was TERRIBLE. Burning yourself is the worst.

Even worse than the burn was our evening trip to the emergency vet. After I got home from the doctor, Tanner and I headed to the studio for our weekly management team meeting. He stayed after to take class and I went next door to get my nails done. I thought I’d earned it after the move + burn extravaganza. We were gone for about 2.5 hours.

When we arrived home, I noticed that there was shredded cardboard all over the floor. Zoey likes to rip up paper sometimes so I wasn’t too surprised but when I went to clean it up I realized that the boxes of cardboard were rat/mice poison and that there were little granules of it on the floor.


Somehow in our move a basket of really old cleaning supplies from our previous rental (that were not ours, they were on the top shelf of the laundry room out of reach for the 1.5 years we lived there) made it to our new house with the movers and was set on the floor. Apparently in that basket was rat/mice poison. We had no idea.

We rushed both girls to the emergency vet. While we knew Zoey was the one who had ripped up the box, we had no idea if Sullie had eaten any of it. Arnie was in his crate while we were gone.

When we arrived and told the front desk what happened, they immediately called a stat and rushed the girls back. They had me sign something that gave them permission to do whatever necessary to save them. It was terrifying.

Less than 10 minutes after arriving, the doctor came in and showed us a picture of Zoey standing in front of a huge pile of bright green vomit. They said she, “seemed like the guilty party” (haha) so they induced vomiting in her first. They give them an injection that makes them vomit super quickly. They were correct. We would later discover that she ate not one but TWO boxes of it.

Poor Sullie had to get the injection and throw up for nothing. She did not ingest any of the poison and got to go home (feeling a little woozy) with us. Zoey had to stay the night. They fed her a ton of food and kept making her throw up and then gave her activated charcoal, 24 hours of fluids and Vitamin K.

We were all so worried about Zoey but Sullie did love some one-on-one time with me yesterday. I took her for an off-leash walk on the new trails and she was in heaven. I thought she deserved it after what she had to go through.

Tanner picked up Zoey around 8 last night. I have never seen her so wiped out or tired. I can only imagine that the 24 hours in the hospital were stressful for her. I just called our regular vet and we will do a follow up with her tomorrow afternoon to re-check her blood work.

The doctors feel good about her recovery since we caught everything so quickly but please say a lot of prayers for her. Also a PSA to do a thorough check of your home to make sure you don’t have anything dangerous/toxic to your children/pets. And one last PSA not to buy rat/mice poison in general. It’s extremely inhumane and a terrible way for any living creature to have to die. I won’t go into details here but google it if you you’re not familiar.

That ended up being a rather lengthy post. I’m off to meet someone to sell a couch. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good day everyone.




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