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Recent Eats + Comfort in Cake

Happy weekend guys. We made it. My 4:30 p.m. hot yoga class today was one big celebration of TGIF. It was crazy hot in the room (104!) but my yogis were all smiles and fun today. It was the perfect way to end a crazy week. My weekend is going to look like wrapping up the unpacking and settling in process along with finishing up my 2016 taxes for my accountant. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing after that!

Here’s a look at what I’ve been eating since we moved last Friday. I’ve found a lot of comfort in cake. 😂


Scrambled eggs, paleo banana bread muffins and fruit. One day I added bacon to this and it was magical.

Smoothie bowl with granola.

Scrambled eggs on top of leftover kale and quinoa salad with half an avocado and fruit.


Gimme all the sandwiches. Turkey, avocado, arugula, mayo, dijon on sourdough. Chips and grapes on the side.

Salad with arugula, sliced turkey, strawberries, avocado, sliced almonds, dried cranberries and olive oil and balsamic.

Turkey sandwich with cantaloupe.

Salmon salad over arugula with avocado, strawberries, sliced almonds, dried cranberries and goat cheese with a sesame ginger dressing. I’m playing around with adding some dairy back into my diet. I have mostly been avoiding it due to skin breakouts but I feel like whey protein powder and milk are the primary culprits. I’ll let you know what I find out.


On moving day our friends were so, so thoughtful to offer to bring us dinner. And they literally thought of everything!

They brought us a cooler packed with soup, salad, wine, wine glasses, bowls and silverware. They even included a corkscrew and a ladle for the soup. #goals

They made us the most AMAZING vegan dinner of kale and quinoa salad with a lentil veggie soup. I want to share both of the recipes with you guys. They were so, so good.

I called in help on the meal planning front in the way of Blue Apron and 80 Fresh. More on 80 Fresh in an upcoming post. This was a bit of a random Blue Apron miso butter chicken with freekeh and sauteed carrots that honestly missed the mark for us. It felt like something I would whip up in one of my, “throw all the random stuff I have on hand in a bowl” dinners.

This was a a Blue Apron pork and cabbage taco with pineapple salsa dinner. It was okay.

We LOVED this smoky seared cod with roasted potatoes and dates dinner. It was seriously something I’d make again on my own.


On moving day I stopped by Suarez Bakery for a slice of carrot cake to power me through. I ended up sharing about 1/4 of it with Tanner.

Last Saturday night I attended a bachelorette party/bridal shower where the maid of honor’s sister made this incredible cake!

I had a slice there and brought one home to Tanner. We share a deep love for all things cake.

And finally, one of my girlfriends dropped off this strawberry cupcake from Cupcake Delirium after the crazy start to my week. Strawberry + carrot cake = my FAVES! It was delicious.

Have a great weekend!

What was the best thing you ate last week?

Favorite cake flavor?



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