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Continuing Education + This Week’s Workouts

In the fitness and yoga world we are required to complete continuing education credits to maintain our certifications just like any other professional organization. One of the Y’s here in Charlotte was offering a health and fitness expo this weekend with a variety of different workshops and presenters so I decided to attend the Friday afternoon sessions to earn some CEUs.


I was happy to get into all three of my top choices and I did two hour workshops in the following…

1) Pre- and post-natal fitness guidelines. This class was presented by Dr. Lisa Holland who owns a business here in town called Belly Guru. Dr. Holland is a physical therapist and a registered yoga teacher and offers a holistic approach to wellness, health and healing that combines the two. I train many girls who are trying to conceive, expecting and post-natal so it was helpful to get some more in-depth knowledge. I loved Dr. Holland’s strong belief of how important it is to maintain physical activity during pregnancy for the health of the mom, the baby and because you’re training for labor!


2) Tabata TRX. I was super pumped about this class because I love the TRX and use it with my clients often. It did not disappoint! I learned so much from the presenter Irene McCormick who is a national trainer for TRX. This workshop convinced me to sign up for a TRX certification course. I’ll be doing that soon! 🙂


3) Intro to Tai Chi. I don’t have any experience with Tai Chi so I was looking forward to an introduction. We spent tons of time up on our feet and I loved all of the joint rotation exercises and breathing techniques we did. I especially loved hearing about the principles behind Tai Chi and how it works as self defense by redirecting instead of fighting. The class was led by Camilo Sanchez of the Empower Life Center.

It was a long day but I learned so much! It’s so nice when continuing education is productive and useful!

Now for this week’s workouts.


Hot yoga


Hot yoga + teach spin


This is what happens when you work in a gym…you get a SOS call asking if you can fill in for a class at the last minute. I don’t even teach spin regularly but I hopped on the bike and got it done. I was absolutely dripping with sweat after.


4 mile run for National Running Day!



This was my first WOD in about 10 days.

25 minute AMRAP

10 hang cleans
200 meter run
10 front squats
200 meter run

I finished four rounds in 25 minutes. I went super light on my weight at just 55# since this was a high-volume WOD.



2 Rounds for Time:

15 handstand push ups
30 box jumps
50 air squats
100 double unders

This was tough. Took me about 18 minutes and I cut the DUs to 75.


3 mile run


Hot yoga

Nothing too crazy but a solid week for me. Body feeling good.

Have you ever tried TRX or Tai Chi? 

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  • Stacy June 8, 2014, 7:18 pm

    I teach TRX and Irene was the trainer who taught my certification. She was AWESOME!! Your story inspires me and I love reading your blog because I’m a fitness lover and want to make it my “job” someday. Thank you!!

  • Erika White June 8, 2014, 7:26 pm

    Great post but I have always wondered and what to know what YOU constitute as what a “rest day” should look like??? It would be SO helpful to hear your feedback!

  • Rachel June 8, 2014, 8:20 pm

    The TRX certificate course was a lot of fun! I highly recommend it especially if you use the TRX so regularly now…it’s pretty crazy how many exercises you can do on the TRX!

  • Brittany @ proteinandpumps June 9, 2014, 7:22 am

    The TRX certification course is definitely on my list!!

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