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Friday I’m In Love

  • FlyWheel Friday + This & That


    Not that I ever like to wish time away but it sure is nice to see the arrival of the weekend after the week we’ve had. I taught my Friday morning hot yoga class and then met Virginia to take a FlyWheel class. We took Jenna B’s class and it was my first time taking [...]

  • 15-Minute Bodyweight Workout + Friday Favorites


    Happy first day of fall! In typical southern fall fashion, the high in Charlotte is 88 degrees today but it looks like we’ll get a break and see those fall temperatures in about a week or so. The pups will be very happy about that! It’s been a while since I wrote a Friday favorites [...]

  • Fun Deliveries and Faves + Hide The Snacks!


    Happy Friday! I wanted to write this post first thing this morning but a security plugin on my blog somehow flagged me and denied me access to my own site. My email chain with my tech guru Isaac is about 20 deep right now. I seriously don’t know what I would do without him…probably quit [...]

  • February Faves + Smart Shoes + be Runa Giveaway


    Happy Friday! I fell off the Friday favorites bandwagon a few months ago when I started to share my recent eats on Fridays instead. I have a random mix of things to share today so I thought I’d make it a “February Favorites” kind of thing. I also have a giveaway for you! Let’s get [...]

  • I Baked Sourdough Bread + Other Favorite Things


    As most of you know, when I visit my parents my dad always sends me home with two loaves of homemade sourdough bread. I carefully transport it back to Charlotte with me like it’s precious cargo. It almost always gets a second look from security but they just end up threatening to confiscate it because [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love: National Dog Day, Music, Nut Butter & More


    Happy Friday! This week was really good but NUTS in the way that the week after vacation always is. Plus, it’s been a weird week in Charlotte with kids getting ready to go back to school. I can tell that parents are in a “camps are over, vacations are over, need these kids back in [...]

  • August 2016 Beauty Faves


    My content is usually themed around getting sweaty but today we’re going to talk getting pretty. I’m sharing some of my favorite beauty discoveries of the summer. Get ready because I finally jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon, joined the cult of BB cream and I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered the world’s best hair dryer. Here’s a [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love: Goldens, Figs and Instagram


    This is an extra happy Friday for me because I’m leaving on a mini-vacation tomorrow for my annual pilgrimage to Sunset Beach with my BFF Dorie’s family. (2014, 2015) I can’t wait! I’m going to share a few Friday faves before I get to packing, baking, grocery shopping and nail painting. A Puppy Play Date Two girls [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love: July 4th Edition


    Happy July 4th Friday! I am sure many of you are off to the lake or the beach for the long weekend, if so have fun! We are hanging out in Charlotte because so many of our staff asked off so we couldn’t add to the sub request mania but we do have plans for [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love: Birthday Edition


    Happy Friday! My birthday this year has turned into more of a “birthday week” between celebrations with my family, friends and fiance. My BFF texted me earlier this week asking if I was up for a girl’s night (+ inviting my fiance) on my birthday to which I agreed. Instead I showed up at 7:45 [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love: ELLIE GOULDING!


    I had a dream come true last night. After over five years of Ellie Goulding fandom, I finally got to see her live in Charlotte and she was INCREDIBLE! I have been a fan of Ellie Goulding since she released her first album back in 2010. She started becoming famous around the same time I [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love: Volume 13


    Happy Friday and happy National Donut Day! I’ve been dreaming about the apple fritters at The Donut Hole for months now and I think I’ll have to finally make it a reality when I visit my parents in a few weeks. Has anyone else noticed how much donuts have risen in popularity lately? It seems [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love, Volume 12


    Hey, hey! I hope you’re having a great Friday and are getting excited about the weekend. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s World Record Boot Camp attempt!!! This “Friday I’m In Love” post can be labeled the puppies and babies edition (but keep reading because there are some other more useful faves as well). On Monday [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love, Volume 11


    My girls both gave me minor heart attacks this week. Sullie jumped off the couch on Sunday night (She’s allowed to come up and visit at the end of the night. She’s like clockwork. It’s so cute.) and must have landed funny because she started limping. Of course this led to a few tears on [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love: Volume 10


    Happiest of Fridays! I hit the ground running after the long weekend with my family and this week has flown by in a haze of early mornings and late nights. This weekend we have our eighth and final weekend of our Winter/Spring 200-Hour Teacher Training and our trainees graduate on Sunday night. I’m looking forward [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love: Volume 9: Erin McDermott + A Weekend Away


    It’s 11 a.m. on Friday and I’m still in my pajamas and drinking coffee. And looking at a stormy ocean. I flew to Florida yesterday to spend a few days with my parents and my grandmother. I slept for almost 10 hours last night and it was magical. One of the first things my mom [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love, Volume 8


    Happy Friday friends. I received a gift from the universe yesterday when my Friday 6:30 a.m. client cancelled due to a stomach bug. My regular Friday 7:30 client had already moved her session up a day so I was going to have to go to the gym for just one 30-minute client. I was totally willing to [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love, Volume 7: Matcha, Mascara + Throwback Easter Pics


    Happy Friday and happy Easter weekend! I have a few “Friday I’m in love” faves to share with you today including matcha, my favorite mascara, a Premier Protein giveaway and more but first…throwback Easter. I always miss my grandmother extra on Easter. I have so many memories of Easter Sunday at her house and taking [...]

  • Friday I’m In Love, Volume 6 (featuring my favorite seasonings!)


    Happy Friday! A friend shared this with me on Facebook and it made me laugh. I have a few favorites to share with you today along with a giveaway for my favorite seasoning rubs of all time. Let’s get started. The weather. The weather, the weather, the weather. It’s INCREDIBLE in Charlotte this week. This [...]