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Another Ridiculously Long Post with Lots of Food

Part two of my ridiculously long weekend overview post. Need to catch up? Part one is here. Read at your own risk – it’s a long one!

After Saturday night’s food-fest at The Palm I had to regroup and get ready to do it all over again for Sunday brunch. We had a family birthday brunch at Myers Park Country Club planned for Stephen’s birthday.

To get my mind right, I went to a hot yoga class Sunday morning. I was still feeling full from Saturday’s meal so I only fueled with coconut water in my water bottle. I actually don’t like to eat before I practice. It’s uncomfortable to have food in your stomach when you’re bending, twisting and sweating. Maybe a little gross but true.

Ninety minutes, a lot of sweat and one really awkward kurmasana later, I was feeling cleansed, empty and ready to tackle the brunch buffet! 😉

Call me crazy but my favorite part of the brunch buffet is the salad bar and dessert. I could really skip the main course. I started out with a pretty amazing salad plate.

Mixed greens topped with tomatoes, crumbled hard boiled egg, carrots, shredded cheddar, candied pecans (the BEST part!), olives and a little bit of an artichoke antipasta type thing. On the side – lots of fresh fruit and cheese and crackers.

Round two…There were tons of traditional “Sunday dinner” options to choose from on the buffet as well as a brunch station with omelets and waffles. Nothing was really speaking to me so I created a very random assortment.

A blueberry biscuit, more fruit, more of this amazing goat cheese spread with crackers, cauliflower, grits, orzo with peas and smoked salmon. Looking back on brunch, I really should have skipped this plate. I was kind of just eating it because everyone else was getting a second entrée plate.

What I was really waiting for was this…

They have the most amazing dessert spread ever! Everything is so beautiful and tastes great too. MPCC is lucky to have many culinary students/graduates of Johnson and Wales working in their kitchen! I decided to go with white chocolate bread pudding, Oreo cheesecake and a mini carrot cake. I wasn’t feeling the bread pudding so I went back for a tiny sliver of key lime pie.

I waddled/rolled/stumbled out of the dining room into the blistering heat (it was OVER 100 degrees in Charlotte on Sunday – miserable!). Brandon and I went home and promptly fell asleep while watching the Braves.

I awoke from my short siesta and took Sullie outside to torture her bathe her. She was in dire need of a bath and a brushing. She’s back to her cute fluffy self now. It’s so weird, she loves swimming but hates being sprayed with the hose and getting a bath. Can’t figure that out!?

I had to run to the mall later Sunday afternoon to go to the Apple store. My iPod quit working after my speed workout last week. I don’t know if it got too hot or wet from my sweat but the backlight wouldn’t come on. I was thrilled to hear from the Genius Bar that I had TWO days left on my warranty. They gave me a brand new iPod. I felt so lucky – I went in prepared to battle it out with them and left a happy, satisfied customer.

We really weren’t starving for dinner but I just can’t skip meals – especially dinner. Remember, I’m a three-square meals kind of girl and I’d already skipped breakfast. I proceeded with dinner as planned and made a fig and prosciutto pizza with caramelized onions and blue cheese. So good!

I had a handful of cherries and chamomile tea before bed.

5 a.m. wake up call to teach BodyPump this morning. My body was feeling pretty stiff and not into strength training this morning but when you have to teach you just suck it up. It’s going to be a long week of early wake up times. I’m pretty sure that I will be up before 6 a.m. every day this week. Yikes.

Breakfast was overnight oats at my desk and I had fun lunch plans. I met up with Lelia and Genevieve for a quick lunch at Something Classic. I wasn’t starving so I went with a salad – bibb lettuce, goat cheese, walnuts and beets.

Midafternoon snack was Honest Tea and a Prana Apricot Pumpkin bar. This was my first time trying Prana bars. Overall opinion is that they were similar to Larabars but much gooier and not quite as tasty but the ingredient list was spot on and it held me over through my evening yoga class.

I met Brandon at Y2 for a power mixed class. He’s trying to get more regular with his yoga practice (aiming to practice once or twice a week). He really enjoys it but it’s definitely a challenge for him. He told me Saturday that his ultimate goal is to be able to touch his toes. I think that will happen soon if he’s disciplined about going. 🙂

We just enjoyed a super tasty dinner tonight of grilled pork  tacos. Can’t wait to share it with you tomorrow! Promise this is the last of the epically long posts for a while!

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  • brannyboilsover July 27, 2010, 9:26 am

    Love Sullie’s smile!

    Maybe try bathing her inside in the tub with warm water. My dogs don’t mind baths too much if I do it that way. It does make a mess of the tub, though 🙂

    • Jen July 27, 2010, 3:04 pm

      Thanks and congratulations on your new gig! Exciting news!

      I do bathe her indoors during the colder months and she hates it equally as much as being bathed outside with the hose! And I continually tell her what a sweet girl she is being but she just stands there like I’m the meanest mom ever. 🙁

  • Cristen July 27, 2010, 4:22 pm

    Who knew boys could not touch there toes! Graham has been biking at 6:15 am for 6 weeks. He told me last week that he could finally touch his toes. I had no idea that touching your toes was not normal. Go Brandon. You can do it. I think I am finally caught up on Jennifer’s world of blogging after camping last week. I am staying home for a while so I can try some of these delicious menus you are planning. Hopefully I can fix overnight oats and tomato pie his week. Feeling inspired but a little lonely.

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