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April 2011

  • Friday Deliciousness


    I’m happy that it’s Friday night and we are staying in Charlotte this weekend. The next few weeks are going to be crazy with travel so I’m thankful to have this weekend to hang out and prepare. I started this Friday my very favorite way – hot vinyasa at Y2 Yoga. I’ve been attending the [...]

  • Home Sweet Home


    Today is a fun day for Brandon and me. It’s our one year anniversary of closing on our house! One year ago we left this… The temporary apartment that we lived in for 10 months while we were house hunting. Can you believe that I did the majority of my 68 Days of Gourmet project [...]

  • Meatless Protein Sources


    I hope everyone is having a great week. This week is flying by for me – work has been busy and my social and teaching calendar is full. Before I get going on today’s topic, I want to quickly address the terrible storms that hit Alabama today. Many of you know that Brandon and I [...]

  • Nuts and Birthdays


    I have a problem. Nut addiction – and it’s getting serious. This morning (as I was making toast with peanut butter and banana) I was thinking about the things I ate yesterday and realized that I had some form of nuts in every single meal. Let me show you. Breakfast – {unpictured} overnight oats topped [...]

  • Easy and Healthy Banana Muffins


    I’m popping in with a lunch break update for you because I have a recipe to share! I buy bananas every week at the store and sometimes I end up with bananas that are a little past their prime…even for oatmeal. (I prefer bananas with brown spots for oatmeal because they are sweeter and mix [...]

  • Goal Setters


    Where do I even start? The responses to the 300 Strong post are unbelievable. I can’t even get over how amazing you all are. The things you want to achieve in the next 300 days are INCREDIBLE. Every time I received a new comment, I found myself absolutely glowing with happiness and excitement. Thank you [...]

  • Easter Sunday


    Let me start off by saying I am SO inspired by the goals that you want to achieve in the next 300 days. Keep them coming, please! I’m going to do a round up tomorrow when I post the giveaway winner. You guys are doing AMAZING things! I hope everyone has had a happy Easter! [...]

  • 300 Strong


    This is my 300th post! A huge milestone, following shortly after my one year blogiversary! To celebrate, I’m baking for you guys again. Read to the end of the post! ;) We just arrived back in Charlotte from our visit with my family. I’ve been busy tonight planning for tomorrow morning’s yoga class and cooking [...]

  • Spring Break


    Happy Friday friends! My office is closed today for our Spring holiday so Brandon and I decided to head to Georgia to visit my grandmother. We haven’t seen my family since Christmas and four months is just far too long to go without a visit! We left after work yesterday. It’s a four-hour trip to [...]

  • Unexplained Hunger


    I popped out of bed this morning at the early hour of 5:30 and made my way to the yoga studio. There was no class this morning but I was craving quiet time on my mat. I plugged in my iPod with a mix of some of my favorite chill songs and got to work [...]

  • Teamwork


    It is a beautiful night in Charlotte. We ate dinner outside and now I’m set up with my computer blogging with a glass of wine, candles and music. So nice! Similar to this set up but no fire tonight! We really enjoy time on our patio. :) I started today with ashtanga. Ever since I [...]

  • Fever


    Who else has major marathon fever after today’s Boston Marathon? I absolutely loved that my Twitter feed was full of Boston updates and that the blog world was abuzz with support for all of the runners. Qualifying for Boston is definitely something that doesn’t seem to be in the realm of possibility for me right [...]

  • A Relaxing Beach Weekend


    Thank you for all the sweet messages about my one year blogging anniversary. I’m excited to kick off year two! We got home from the beach a few hours ago. We had a really nice time with our friends and it was nice to get away and relax. I slept 10 hours last night – [...]

  • PBR Celebrates One Year


    Today is a big day for Peanut Butter Runner. One year ago I launched this healthy living blog! I thought it would be fun to recap some of the highlights of the year and I’ve included a little video at the end of this post with some thoughts and news about the future of the [...]

  • Rocking College Style


    Happy Friday! I loved the comments on the beauty post…I’m happy to know that I’m not the only waxing fanatic. I also got quite a few comments about you guys having to color for gray hair. I responded to those comments saying that I definitely have my fair share. I’ve had them since I was [...]

  • Beauty Rituals


    I don’t venture into beauty/fashion topics very often (well, really never) but my brow wax today got me thinking about my “no compromise” beauty rituals. My #1 must is my monthly brow/lip wax. I started waxing when I was in high school and have been faithful ever since. As someone with dark hair and features, [...]

  • It’s Strawberry Season…More Dessert!


    Good morning and happy hump day!  :D I’m enjoying a  cup of coffee and writing a morning post since I missed you guys last night. We had dinner with friends and I was too exhausted to even turn on my laptop when we got home. In the spirit of Wednesday/Hump Day…what is one thing that’s [...]

  • Cookout, Coconut, BodyPump and a Winner


    Sullie says thank you for all of the get well wishes. She is feeling much better! So, I gave up on my blog post last night before I made it to dinner. I was too tired! We went over to my in law’s for a cook out. Loving this beautiful weather in Charlotte. Another outdoor [...]

  • Amazing Avett’s and Teaching Updates


    Where did the weekend go!? Why do they pass so quickly!? The highlight of my weekend was definitely seeing my favorite band…again. We counted on the way to the show and it was our eighth time seeing The Avett Brothers! Read previous show recaps here and here. We even met them last fall! Unfortunately, the [...]

  • Friday Night In: The Return of Patio Dining


    Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. My Saturday has been full of cleaning and yard work…which is not exactly fun but I feel so much calmer when my house is clean so it’s worth it. Lots to catch you up on. Let’s start with Friday and roll through today. I started [...]

  • Super Fruit Friday (and a giveaway!)


    I was going to wait until Saturday to post this so that I could title it Super Fruit Saturday (it just flows better than Super Fruit Friday) but I know how you guys operate and more of you read on Fridays than Saturdays. Why do I care what day you’re reading? Because I have an [...]

  • Successorizing for Yoga


    In honor of teaching my VERY FIRST yoga class at Y2 Yoga today, I thought it would be fun to do a post about my “must haves” for yoga. These are the clothes and accessories that always go to class with me. First up, the most important accessory – the mat. The Manduka Black Mat [...]

  • Super Noodle Night


    Thank you, thank you for the comments and Tweets congratulating me on the new yoga teaching gig. I am extremely excited and looking forward to teaching my first class at Y2 tomorrow. My name is on the schedule…it’s really happening! I started my day at Y2 today for an ashtanga practice. One of the things [...]

  • Yoga News and Running Shoes


    Teacher training is DONE! Thank you for the congratulations and good wishes. I am kind of in disbelief right now that it’s over. It’s all still sinking in and I’m not quite ready to write my final thoughts on teacher training post. I promise it will come this week. I just want to have time [...]

  • The Final Saturday


    I really appreciate your encouraging comments on my Butterflies post. I said this in some of my replies but how cool would it be if I could teleport you guys here for a PBR yoga class!? I had an over-ripe banana that was begging to be made into banana bread so I whipped up a [...]

  • Butterflies In My Belly


    Oh my gahhhh…I spent the whole afternoon with major butterflies. My stomach hurt and I felt like I might throw up in the trash can at my desk at any moment. The reason for all of this anxiety? Last week my yoga teachers asked if I would like to told me I had to teach [...]