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March 2011

  • Comfort Food


    Well, before we get to comfort food I feel the need to address this crazy show I'm watching on TV, Mobbed. "Host Howie Mandel puts a hidden-camera spin on the "flash mob" concept. Mandel and hundreds of strangers will help special guests plan extraordinary surprises for friends, family members, loved ones or co-workers. These unknowing [...]

  • An Exercise in Patience


    Tonight I attended my least favorite yoga class that is offered at my studio - Long, Slow, Deep. In LSD you warm up with a little bit of standing flow and then move to the floor for loooooonnnngggg holds (3-5 minutes) in the poses. I think I've completed a grand total of maybe five LSD [...]

  • I actually sat through a movie!


    Good morning! It is cold and pouring down rain again here in Charlotte but I'm determined not to let the weather get me down today! This has to be the last push of cold weather...April is just around the corner. I didn't get my post up last night because Brandon picked up Love and Other [...]

  • A Case of the Mondays


    I had a case of the Mondays today. First, I had to sub out my BodyPump class due to some shoulder issues I'm struggling with. Second, I planned on running this morning but it was pouring down rain so I couldn't get my workout in. And third, it was just one of those days at [...]

  • A Winter Weekend in Spring


    I hope everyone's had a great weekend! I can't believe that it's already winding down. Why do they pass so quickly!? Unfortunately, it's been all rain and winter temperatures here all weekend. What happened to those 80 degree days we had last week!? Spring needs to be here to STAY! Despite the weather, I really [...]

  • Pizza Party


    When Brandon was in law school we entertained all the time. Somehow our house became the gathering spot for watching games, parties, showers, dinners and more. Since moving to Charlotte we haven't entertained nearly as much and I think this is due to not having a big network of friends like we did in law [...]

  • Monkey Food


    So the name of this post came as a result of me asking Brandon what I should title it...he loves monkeys and in his mind bananas = monkeys...there you have it! ;) In the past I was never really in love with bananas. I thought they were just okay and they definitely weren't a weekly [...]

  • Most Popular Peanut Butters and a Baby Shower


    I loved reading your responses on your favorite peanut butter. Seriously...I now have a long list of peanut butters to try! Here are a few of my observations from your responses: I am not alone in my nut butter addiction. I was surprised to see several of you don't even buy certain nut butters for [...]

  • Five Miler and a Peanut Butter Debate


    Good news on the running front! I ran FIVE miles today! I'm sure most of you are thinking "big deal" but it was my first five miler in over a month! Don't get me wrong, I have loved focusing on yoga the past few months but I am so ready to get back on the [...]

  • Clean Eating Challenge Review and Tuesday Eats


    I owe you guys a recap on my 10 Day of Clean Eating Challenge. First things first, let's be honest - I only made it nine days before throwing in the towel. In summary, it wasn't life changing but I did learn a few things. I am definitely addicted to caffeine. I had terrible withdrawal [...]

  • What Makes You Feel Alive?


    Thanks for the input on my yoga playlist. What I heard loud and clear is that you guys would rather hear mainstream/modern music rather than new age, "yoga-y" music. I feel the same way and am happy to cater to that! Here is what I ended up with for tomorrow's class. What do you think!? [...]

  • I’m actually becoming a yoga teacher!


    It's been a long, exhausting and amazing weekend. I just wrapped up weekend seven of eight of yoga teacher training and can't believe that we only meet one more time. The past three months have been so focused on teacher training (thank you for hanging in there with me for it!) and the end seemed [...]

  • 80 Degree Friday


    I'm glad that you enjoyed the fun facts/getting to know me post! It was fun to write! Let's quickly catch up on what I've missed the last couple days since I haven't updated on food + workouts. Thursday morning started with an ashtanga practice. It took some serious motivation to get myself out of bed. [...]

  • The ABCs of Jen


    My first idea for this post was to do a "Fun Fact Friday" and then I remembered the "ABCs of Me" that's been circulating the blog world for the past couple months. I thought this would be an easy way to share some fun facts with y'all! A. Age: 27 B. Bed size: Queen...and Sullie [...]

  • Homemade Awake Tea Latte & Baking Night


    And I'm back! I wish I could say that my night off of blogging was super relaxing but it was actually jam-packed with subbing a BodyPump class, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. We didn't sit down to eat dinner until 9:30! The good news is that Wednesday is "no AM workout day" so I did [...]

  • PBR At Capacity


    I knew when I decided to commit to teacher training that my life was going to get even busier than it was before. I can honestly say that I have felt relatively in control of everything and still able to maintain my normal routine through the past two and a half months of training.  So [...]

  • Yoga and Pizza – My Favorite Things!


    I'm emerging after a long (but completely awesome) weekend of teacher training. Saturday was a crazy busy day so I took a break from blogging and taking pictures. I started training at 7:30 a.m. and we went through to 5:30 p.m. When I got home from training we had to head straight to an engagement [...]

  • Gratitude


    I have been feeling overwhelming gratitude for all the good in my life. Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation. - Brian Tracy For the arrival of spring and these [...]

  • 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge


    Hello and happy Friday (by the time most of you read this)! I hope everyone had a good week...mine seemed to fly by. Tomorrow kicks off another weekend of yoga teacher training (only three left - can't believe it) and we have it again next weekend. I'm really looking forward to having two weekends in [...]

  • Rainy Day Fun


    Today has been a great day! It's been really rainy and gloomy here (like, we were under a flood watch rainy) but I'm still full of smiles and energy. :D No AM workout today. Oatmeal at my desk. Oats, blueberries, banana, dried cranberry, cinnamon, pinch salt, almond milk, water, chia seeds. Topped with almond butter [...]

  • Fat Tuesday


    Today is Fat Tuesday - the last day of Mardi Gras before Ash Wednesday kicks off the Lenten season. We had a King Cake at work today and I couldn't believe that several of my co-workers had never heard of it before. (source) King Cake basically tastes like a giant cinnamon roll with frosting. There [...]

  • New Yoga Experiences


    I am so happy to hear that you guys found the Foam Rolling 101 tutorials helpful. I was excited to receive comments from many of you that you are already getting to work on the foam roller. Awesome! It was also funny to see how many of you commented on my accent. I was born [...]

  • Foam Rolling 101


    I took advantage of my low-key weekend to finally work on Foam Rolling 101. I know I promised this several weeks ago so thank you for your patience. My schedule has been just a little crazy lately. Before we launch into the how to, let's talk about what foam rollers are, where you can get [...]

  • Dinner at Vivace and a Winner


    The title rhymes...I'm so clever. ;) So it's Sunday morning, almost noon and I'm in my pajamas again. I've been up and at 'em since 7 but enjoying rocking the comfy clothes. Let's talk about my 7 a.m. wake up time, shall we? I didn't get in bed until after midnight last night, it's been [...]

  • A Relaxed Weekend


    It's noon on Saturday and I am still in my pajamas. To be fair, I have done things this morning...just in the comfort of my PJs! It's gray and gross outside so I have no problem with my leisurely morning! :P I woke up at 6 a.m. and was wide awake. I considered going to [...]

  • Peanut Butter Fun Friday


    Tomorrow is Friday and I have the weekend off of yoga teacher training. Brandon and I have no plans so I am looking forward to my first relaxing weekend at home in a month! Happiness... I'm celebrating with a fun baking project and you might want to read to the end of the post to [...]

  • Nicaragua Bake Sale – TODAY


    I’m here with a lunch break post today to announce a special event happening on Katie’s blog today. This involves the possibility that I will bake delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars for you so listen up! Katie is in graduate school for dietetics and has committed to spending her spring break in Nicaragua to [...]

  • Food Truck Picnic


    I'll start this post with a recap of today's workouts because it was a bit of change of pace for me. I received an email from one of my fellow teacher trainees last night that she was going to the studio this morning to practice ashtanga (there was no class scheduled). I wasn't planning on [...]

  • Braving the Storm


    I'm late getting to my blog tonight because I've been working on a fun project for lululemon. Look out for an update with all the details Wednesday! I got yesterday's blog post done early so that Brandon and I could finally spend some time together after I spent all weekend in yoga teacher training. We [...]