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December 2010

  • A Good Start


    The blog world has been abuzz with 2010 recaps and 2011 resolution/goal posts. I love doing “Most Popular Recipes” posts on my food blog but I have been a little unsure how to approach the topic on this blog. What I keep coming back to is how happy I am that I decided to start [...]

  • A Short Work Week and 2011 Planning


    I’m back in action from Charlotte. We made our way back yesterday fueled by a Starbucks stop. Soy Skinny Vanilla Latte with one pump of vanilla. I used to love skinny vanilla lattes but now even with only one pump, I find them WAY too sweet. Regardless, this gave me the caffeine boost I needed [...]

  • Slowing Down


    We’re packing up to make our way back to Charlotte but I wanted to post a quick update first. This break has pretty much been exactly what I needed. In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to cram my days full of as many activities as possible. Before leaving for this trip, I was averaging [...]

  • Fa-Fa-Fa-Freezing


    Greetings from Atlanta! Brandon and I left my grandmother’s yesterday to spend a couple of days in Atlanta with my parents before heading back to Charlotte. I have pretty much been living in a perpetual state of cold since Christmas. I just cannot warm up. Waking up to this yesterday at my grandmother’s did not [...]

  • Christmas in Georgia


    It’s been a wonderful Christmas day with my family! Stockings lining the stairs this morning when we woke up. There was even one for Sullie. My grandmother and I have been exchanging this gift bag for 10 YEARS! We take turns taking it home every year (although I have not been here for the last [...]

  • Twas the Night Before Christmas


    And all through the house, many creatures were stirring…because there are presents left to wrap. I would really rather be reading in bed. We have been going nonstop the for the last few days – so much to do to prep for holiday travel. We finally got on the road around 10 a.m. today and [...]

  • Holiday Happiness


    I have been full of happiness and smiles the last couple of days. First, by your overwhelming support of my decision to pursue yoga teacher training. Second, I’ve been surrounded by amazing friends that I don’t see often. And third, I wrapped up work today and have almost a whole week off for Christmas! Hooray [...]

  • Decided


    I said this in yesterday’s post but THANK YOU for your support and encouragement regarding my decision. I am glad that I shared my struggle on the blog because once the responses started rolling in, it was clear to me which path to take. The outside perspective was the push I needed to follow my [...]

  • Christmas Is More Fun With Headstands


    We had Christmas with Brandon’s family tonight because we’re going to Georgia to visit my family this year. Somehow after present opening the girls ended up comparing flexibility and yoga moves. My mother and sister in law are both ridiculously flexible…it is crazy to me how some people are so naturally open (they do not [...]

  • Lately


    Thank you for your kind words, encouragement and support on my Decisions post. I am very lucky to have such insightful and thoughtful readers. That said, I am not considering having a baby (at least right now, sorry Mom!) or leaving my job. I apologize if I freaked some people out. A full explanation is [...]

  • Decisions


    I am currently in the midst of making a decision (which I hope to be able to share with you early next week) and I am really struggling with it. This has been going on for weeks now and while I am the first to admit that I am terribly indecisive in general, this particular [...]

  • A Change of Yoga Scenery


    I visited a new (to me) yoga studio tonight. I was really in the mood for a super hot, super sweaty, super tough yoga class and the 90 minute all-levels vinyasa class at Yoga One spoke to me. My friend (who is a yoga teacher), Sarah, discovered her love for yoga at Yoga One and [...]

  • Five Meatless Lunch Ideas


    You may have noticed that I generally do not eat meat with breakfast or lunch and only a couple of times a week with dinner. Although I usually have overnight oats or oatmeal for breakfast, I try to vary my lunches. I used to be a habitual peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and [...]

  • Post-Race Happenings


    Thank you so much for all of the congrats on my half marathon PR. I am still on a running high from this fall’s wonderful race experiences – Marine Corps Marathon, Charlotte 8K Turkey Trot and Thunder Road Half Marathon. I’ve been asked what’s next with my running and the honest answer is nothing. Although [...]

  • Thunder Road Half Marathon Race Recap


    The Thunder Road Half Marathon completely surprised me today. Despite my lack of training and preparation, I still managed a 5 minute PR. I am so excited and in disbelief that I had such a great race. All the signs leading up to the race were pointing to a lackluster performance but once I got [...]

  • Am I really running a half tomorrow?


    Preparations are underway for the Thunder Road half marathon. I am seriously in disbelief that I’m running a half tomorrow. I know I mentioned this in yesterday’s post but after Marine Corps, Thunder Road seemed so far away. I thought it would be easy to PR but now that’s not seeming so likely. My current [...]

  • C is for Cookie


    What do you get when you organize a blogger holiday cookie swap? A whole lot of deliciousness! Brittney was so kind to host us all tonight for a holiday party/cookie exchange. I contributed Shortbread Bark Cookies (recipe coming soon on Bakin’ and Eggs!). And Orange Cranberry White Chocolate Biscotti. Before I dug into cookies, I [...]

  • Our Own Reindeer


    Look – we have our very own reindeer to go with our Christmas tree! Sullie is one of the most tolerant dogs ever. While I admit that she does not look excited, she totally went with it to make me happy. ;) Since I posted Sara’s guest post last night, I have lots to catch [...]

  • Sara’s Story – A New Start


    I’m very excited about today’s topic and it’s the first ever guest post on Peanut Butter Runner. I received some great responses to last week’s “Why Wait?” and as soon as I read Sara’s comment about her weight loss journey, I knew I had to ask her to guest post. Lucky for me (and all [...]

  • George’s Brasserie and a Snow Day


    It’s been such a fun weekend – dinner with friends, a nice long run, a great ashtanga practice, dinner with my in law’s at one of our favorite Charlotte restaurants and a day trip to the mountains with lots of snow! Catch up on part one of the weekend with this post and here we [...]

  • A Cold 10 Miles


    I think it was a pretty even split between the white v. colored Christmas lights debate. We’ve compromised here and have colored on the tree in the house and are doing white outside. I’ve been busy, busy the last couple days. Friday morning started with an early hot vinyasa yoga class before work. I had [...]

  • Hanging with Frosty


    First it was the fake fire, now it’s Frosty. We discovered the Snowman channel on cable tonight. We’ve been hanging with Frosty all night while we decorate for Christmas. Yes, I’m wearing antlers. Yes, this photo is a weird color – I couldn’t fix it when I was editing. We had quite the debate about [...]

  • Fake Fires and Superfoods


    I am happy to hear that others are on board with holiday healthy living choices. Just remember that I totally advocate splurges during the holidays but make sure it’s not a free for all and balance it out. ;) I want to catch you guys up on Tuesday and Wednesday’s food and fitness. I started [...]