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August 2010

  • Three New Abdominal Exercises


    The idea for this post came to me after my yoga class this morning. Backing up...I usually teach BodyPump on Monday mornings but I received a call at 5:15 a.m. that they were canceling all morning classes because the AC was out at the Y. The first thing that crossed my mind was, "awesome, I [...]

  • Beach Day


    We had a great time at the beach this weekend with our friends. After my long run Saturday, I spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach and cooking a feast. I was so excited that we were all able to bring our dogs with us this weekend. Sullie had so much fun [...]

  • Myrtle Beach Long Run – 14 Miles


    We arrived in Myrtle Beach last night. Our friends Lee and Ashley invited us to spend the weekend at their beach place along with another couple. We grabbed a late dinner and then I went to bed. I wasn't much fun since I had a long run planned this morning but the boys certainly didn't [...]

  • Self Awareness


    Today I'm focusing on self awareness during exercise. We are lucky at the Y that we are able to team teach BodyPump. I have a co-instructor and we split teaching the class 50/50. One of us teaches while the other participates as well as walks around and corrects technique. Tonight while I was walking around [...]

  • Finding My Marathon Motivation


    I know the name of this blog is Peanut Butter Runner but it shouldn't come as surprise to most of you (if you know me in real life or if you have been reading for a while) that I have been feeling really over running for a while. I committed to running the Marine Corps [...]

  • 101th Post, Ashtanga Awkwardness, Grilled Okra Obsession


    Obviously, I couldn't decide what to name this post. I usually really struggle with titles but tonight the creative juices were a flowin' so you get a laundry list. Another thing I must note is that I've discovered the joys of blogging in bed. Last night Brandon was watching True Blood (which I know I've [...]

  • Menu Plan – Week of 8/23 (late!)

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    Apologies for the very late menu planning post today but I taught BodyPump this morning, went straight to work where I played catch up after being out Thursday and Friday and then hit the yoga studio (for what turned out to be the hardest class I have attended in a long time - totally caught [...]

  • DC: Part Three – Celebration!


    Here's the third and final DC post. Catching up? Read Part One and Part Two. The whole reason for our trip to DC was to attend Erin and Dave's wedding. Brandon grew up in Charlotte with both of them. They started dating in high school and have been together for 10 years now! We were [...]

  • DC: Part Two – Eat, Run, Eat


    We just arrived back in Charlotte from our weekend in DC. I'm going to cover the rest of the trip in two separate updates. This one will be Friday night dinner and Saturday pre-wedding. The next update will be the wedding and our travels home today. Be sure to check out my day one recap [...]

  • DC: Day One


    Hello from Washington, D.C. It may take me two hours to write this post - I'm on Brandon's mini netbook and typing is pretty challenging. We are having so much fun in DC. This is my first trip and so far I am totally loving the city! We've crammed a ton in since we arrived [...]

  • Trip Excitement (and Craziness!)


    We are working fast and furious over here to get ready for our trip to DC.  I'm taking a half day and we're flying out tomorrow afternoon. I am so ridiculously excited - this is my first trip to DC. We have friends getting married Saturday but we're flying up early for a fun long [...]

  • Dragon Fruit


    Sunday was a day full of adventure. (Catch up on what happened Saturday night - including my car break in - here.) The adventure started when my mom announced that she picked up a funny looking fruit at the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Enter dragon fruit. We Googled it and found that it's native to Mexico [...]

  • Menu Plan – Week of 8/16


    Better late than never, right? Here’s the menu plan for this week. Please keep in mind that I’m only preparing meals Sunday-Wednesday this week because we’re flying to DC on Thursday for a long weekend! Sunday Grilled ribeye (using the T-Rex method) topped with blue cheese Grilled zucchini, squash and mushrooms Roasted Spiced Sweet Potatoes [...]

  • Reunited


    We met up with our best friends from law school this weekend in Atlanta. It's the first time that we've all been together since graduation. We've seen each other separately over the last year but this was our first chance to get together as a group. After I finished my long run, we headed Becky [...]

  • Atlanta Long Run


    We arrived at my parent's house in Atlanta around 9:30 last night and this was waiting on us. My parents picked up a pizza and salad for us from Grant Central Pizza. Perfect late night dinner after four hours in the car. And then this happened and Brandon tried to document it but my camera [...]

  • Hummus Love


    It's 9:30 and I just sat down to relax for the first time since I got home from teaching BodyPump. I just inhaled a bowl of light vanilla ice cream topped with a tablespoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams and I'm ready to blog. And then I have about a million more things to do to [...]

  • Tempo Run + Hot Yoga = Sweaty


    Good morning! I usually post my updates in the evenings but last night I worked on Bakin' and Eggs and then crashed. Before turning in I made the decision to skip ashtanga this morning so I thought I'd get up early and work on this blog instead! My lower back is still feeling a little [...]

  • Early Riser and How to Work Out in the Morning


    My alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. this morning. Yeah...seemed like a good idea last night when I got in bed at 9:30 but I was definitely second guessing myself when it came down to it. But somehow it has become easier for me to get up when my alarm is set for the 5 [...]

  • Menu Plan – Week of 8/9


    Sorry for the late menu planning post this week. We’re traveling a lot in August so it’s going to be hard for me to get menus planned on Sundays but I promise I will get the menu plan up at some point – even if it’s later on Mondays. Since we’re traveling so much the [...]

  • Isle of Palms Weekend


    Hello everyone! Catching up? Read about part one of my weekend in Isle of Palms here. I was really concerned that it was going to be cloudy and gray on Saturday but miraculously, right after I hit "publish" on my blog post, the clouds parted and the sun shined all day. It was beautiful! I [...]

  • Operation Storm Survival, Beach, Run and BEAUTIFUL!


    Happy weekend from beautiful Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, South Carolina. I braved extremely hazardous road conditions to get here...and I was by myself. Brandon left earlier in the week for the beach but I had to work so couldn't leave until after work Friday. My solo road trip started off with a [...]

  • Yoga Laughter


    I started today in the best way possible - an ashtanga practice at Y2 with Sarah (aka The Yogi Monster!). When we arrived at the studio (at 6 a.m.!!!) it was apparent that neither of us was especially feeling the early morning practice. We ended up having a really relaxed and fun practice and made [...]

  • Blogger Yoga and Dinner (and the importance of meal planning!)


    Last night's dinner was proof that if you meal plan and have ingredients on hand you are much more likely to eat at home and make smart food choices (check out my "How to Menu Plan" post). I didn't get home from yoga until 8:45 and some friend's stopped by for a beer on their [...]

  • Instead of…

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    The last two days have been filled with a lot of "instead of." Let me explain... Instead of running my planned 5 miles last night, I grocery shopped, baked, cooked dinner and updated Bakin' and Eggs. I was so tired yesterday and my muscles (especially my hips) were aching. It took a cup of Yogi [...]

  • Menu Plan – Week of 8/1

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    Here's the menu for the week. Bon Appetit! Sunday Seared Tuna with Wasabi Aioli Sushi rice Frozen Asian vegetable medley Monday Baked Eggplant Parmesan or Eggplan Napoleon Parmesan Salad Pasta (I probably will just have eggplant and salad) Tuesday Grilled organic chicken breasts on the Big Green Egg - we'll just season them with a [...]

  • A quiet weekend and our first IKEA trip


    Catching up on the weekend? Check out part one (including my long run) here. After Saturday's long run, errands and updating the blog, I had a really hard time peeling myself off the couch. The one thing that I was motivated to move for was lunch (and the possibility of a bloody mary!). Brandon and [...]