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July 2010

  • Workout Buddies


    Happy weekend! I’m enjoying our last weekend at home before we embark on four weekends straight of traveling in August. Eek! Luckily, they’re all fun travel plans (including two beach trips – score!). Sometimes workouts are more fun with friends and I’ve been lucky to have some pretty awesome workout buddies this week. First, I [...]

  • Fabulous Family


    I took Wednesday off of blogging because I needed a night off and we had a very special occasion to celebrate – my mother in law’s official birthday. (I know I posted about a party her friends threw for her over the weekend but this was the day!) Before heading over to the family dinner [...]

  • A Little Guilt and a Gameplan


    Where do I even begin thanking y’all for the overwhelming support? Your comments were encouraging, honest and insightful. I also must admit that I feel a little guilty. I truthfully wasn’t trying to solicit praise for my blog by sharing my dilemma/feelings/anxiety with you but I truthfully must admit that the comments were nice to [...]

  • At A Crossroads


    Today was an off day. I felt strangely anxious all day for really no apparent reason. The day started off nicely with an easy three mile run but as it progressed I just got that weird feeling in my stomach and felt general anxiety. This isn’t really like me and I’m not sure what was [...]

  • Another Ridiculously Long Post with Lots of Food


    Part two of my ridiculously long weekend overview post. Need to catch up? Part one is here. Read at your own risk – it’s a long one! After Saturday night’s food-fest at The Palm I had to regroup and get ready to do it all over again for Sunday brunch. We had a family birthday [...]

  • Menu Plan – Week of 7/25


    I’m really excited about this week’s menu plan. Several fun dinners and a baking project! :D Sunday Fig and Prosciutto Pizza – the figs are finally starting to ripen on my mother in law’s tree! Expect lots of fig-inspired things in the coming weeks. Monday Chile Marinated Pork in the Style of Oaxaca (translation: pork [...]

  • Party Time


    First, sorry for the weekend hiatus from blogging but I was in need of a disconnect. This weekend was all about birthday celebrations. My mother in law has a milestone birthday coming up on Wednesday (I will not share the number because I am a sweet daughter in law ;) ) and my sister in [...]

  • Speedy


    The first speed workout of my Marine Corps Marathon training plan was scheduled for today. I dreaded it all day…it was so hot outside (97 degrees) and it just didn’t sound fun. I know that any sane person would have just done the run on the treadmill (easy to adjust speed, air conditioned) but I [...]

  • Three Square Meals


    I am a three square meals a day kind of girl. I wasn’t always like this and I won’t even share with you some of the things I considered to be breakfast and lunch in my younger days! ;) I am also a very scheduled eater. I don’t like to eat breakfast too late for [...]

  • My Exercise Journey…and Ashtanga Take Two


    I used to always stick with what I knew when it came to workouts – and what I knew was running. I was always very reluctant to try group exercise classes, walking was boring, the elliptical was boring, yoga was boring…I just wanted to go, go, go and feel the rush I got from running. [...]

  • Overnight Oats


    I’ve received a lot of questions lately about overnight oats – how they’re prepared, do you eat them cold, what exactly are they. I promised that I would share my go-to recipe and explain how I make them. Overnight oats are eaten cold. They are a mixture of milk, yogurt, oats and whatever else you [...]

  • Menu Plan – Week of 7/20 and an Ethiopian Feast


    Today has been so relaxing. I had NO PLANS other than a yoga and baking. Ahh…so needed after traveling the last three weekends. One of the benefits of having no plans was being able to menu plan this afternoon! Here’s what this week is looking like! Monday Tomato Tarts with Goat Cheese and Basil Salad [...]

  • BodyPump 74 Launch and First MCM Long Run


    Happy Saturday – it’s been an active one for me! This morning we launched BodyPump 74 at the Y (by the way, did you see that the YMCA is officially changing its name to the Y?). We had a four instructor launch team and over 30 members participate. I realize that not everyone knows what [...]

  • Today Was A Good Day


    Life is good right now for so many reasons but here are some things that made today truly exceptional. 1) I finally put together and posted my Marine Corps Marathon training plan last night. A HUGE weight off my shoulders. 2) The day started with oats in an almond butter jar and black coffee. Yum. [...]

  • Marine Corps Marathon Training Plan


    After months of talk, promises of base building and a little bit of procrastination…I’m finally ready to share (and commit to) my Marine Corps Marathon training plan. For some background information on why I chose this race and who I’ll be running it with check out this post. Now, prepare to be underwhelmed by this [...]

  • Not What You Were Expecting


    First, if you follow me on Twitter and saw my declaration today that I was going to post my Marine Corps Marathon training plan tonight then you’re in for some disappointment. I am very tired and we got home late from our fundraiser happy hour tonight. I want to put time and thought into that [...]

  • Menu Plan – Week of 7/12


    There’s not much to this week’s menu plan due to busy schedules but still wanted to share with you guys since I missed last week. Things should calm down here in the next couple weeks and I’ll be cooking more. I’m really missing my evenings in the kitchen. No matter how stressful life is, cooking [...]

  • Adventures in Milledgeville


    Good morning! I’m blogging from my grandmother’s screened porch. One of my all-time favorite places to be! :D We were up early yesterday morning to get on the road. I packed a bowl of banana oatmeal for the drive. Which I ended up having to shovel down in about 5 minutes because Brandon stopped for [...]

  • A Slight Delay and Some Relaxation


    Well, we’re supposed to be en route to Georgia right now but after a long week and a busy day at work we decided to leave early tomorrow morning instead. We were at the point where we wouldn’t arrive at my grandmother’s until 11 p.m. and it just wasn’t worth it to leave so late. [...]

  • Twitter Friend Happy Hour


    Last night I took  the night off from blogging on Peanut Butter Runner. Bakin’ and Eggs was feeling neglected (it had been a week since my last update!) so I updated my food blog with these amazing (seriously, make them NOW) Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars. I had been going nonstop for days and really [...]

  • Manic Monday on a Tuesday


    Whew…the long weekend was nice but today has been crazy. It definitely felt like a Monday even though it wasn’t. I just sat down for the first time (it’s 10 p.m.) since I left work. This evening I taught BodyPump, went to the grocery, cooked, cleaned, made my breakfast for tomorrow and packed my bag [...]

  • Mountain Weekend Wrap Up


    This post covers part two of our mountain weekend for the Fourth and Brandon’s family reunion. Check out part one here. Brandon was up at 6:30 a.m. on the Fourth for an early tee time. While he was gone I slept a little longer, ate breakfast, blogged and went for a run. I had no [...]

  • Another Birthday Girl and Happy Fourth!

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    Happy Fourth of July everyone! I am blogging from a hotel lobby in the Western North Carolina mountains. We arrived here yesterday for a family reunion for Brandon’s mother’s side of the family. There are about 50-60 people here! Crazy but fun to meet so many family members from all over. Backing up…yesterday (July 3) [...]

  • Southern Girl


    Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on the blog and Twitter about my new job. You guys are the best! Day 2 went really well – happy, happy! Yesterday’s post stopped right before dinner. Citrus grilled chicken, grilled zucchini and whole wheat couscous with goat cheese, balsamic, homegrown tomatoes and herbs from [...]

  • New and Exciting


    And I’m back…I’m sorry that I didn’t post yesterday but once you hear about the day I had you will understand why it didn’t happen. First things first – exciting news! I know I told you that I’ve been living the housewife life the last few days. Well, it’s because my last day at my [...]